Thursday, February 14, 2008


Our very first Valentine's Day together was in 1995, about 6 weeks after our wedding. We decided to go to 49th Aero Squadron, a restaurant right by the airport where they have headphones and you can listen to the airport tower talking to airplanes, and they had a large window facing the airport. The perfect place for my plane-loving husband.

The restaurant had a "special" menu for V-day. If by special you mean a limited selection with jacked-up prices. Plus we got a booth that was way far away from the window and couldn't really watch planes.

This began our disenchantment with V-day. Today I let Harold off the hook because we have a fun getaway trip planned next month so I wasn't expecting anything. But still, my dearest got me some roses, some dried mango (love it) and a card with an XOXO on it (big kiss, big hug, big kiss, big hug).

Despite the made-up holiday that seems completely ridiculous to me most of the time I am grateful for the opportunity to tell my loved ones just how much they mean to me.

Love you Lima, Sav and Mack. My whole heart belongs to you.


hyker said...

Yes, it is rather ridiculous. Thanks for not being balanced v-day perfectly. And, no. I'm still not bitter.

Cote Corner said...

hhmm.. sounds like that whole plane restaurant would have been your hubbys idea. Sure, it seems like V-Day is just another day to make hallmark and candy industries more money but it is nice to have at least one extra day a year where we can focus on those we love. :) P.s Do you have monday off???