Thursday, February 7, 2008

Post Script

I know Mitt Romney caused some of the buzz that brought out the voters on Tuesday, however I could overhear a few conversations in my little polling place in Payson and there were people there to vote AGAINST Hilary and those who wanted to vote FOR Obama.

I called our local voter's registrar person, or whatever they are called, to volunteer for the next election and 1. Apparently these people get paid, and 2. This was a county wide problem.

I am still going to fill out an application and see if they need my help at the next election.

Side Side Note: Katie McG I got an email about your blog being locked down but can't find it and haven't been able to access your blog for a while. Email my google account at and let me know how to get in.


Becky said...

I'm sad that Romney suspendid his candidacy. But, he seems to have the political ettiquette that Huckabee doesn't. Huckabee should have dropped out but is too stubborn....he's not in it for the good of the whole...he's in it for himeself.

I too appreciate the old people that work the voting stations (I thought they were volunteers too!)but, the lady that has the book of names at our spot cannot see or hear...but she has perfect penmanship...maybe that's why they keep her there? Bless her heart and the hearts of all those waiting to vote.

Good for you to get in there and try to help the process. I'm still thinking about it.

Katie and Gary said...

About the blog: How funny. I emailed Julie the day before your blog posting to arrange getting your email info. I swear we are both on in tune.....I mean on the same page. I would like to know how you came up with the name of your email address. If you don't feel comfortable posting about it on your blog then a quick email will do.

By the way, you would make the best volunteer ever....I think more voters would show up....with you there to greet them with your warm smile and sense of humor. :)