Friday, May 23, 2008

My Closet: After

Before I reveal the pictures I just want to do a quick recount of my closet adventure. I started on Monday, did nothing on Tuesday or Wednesday due to a pretty nasty cold I developed, did quite a bit on Thursday and finished up today, Friday.

The Death Toll:
3 Bags of Denim material for my quilt project.
5 Bags to DI.
5 Bags of trash.
1 Bag of miscellaneous stuff reassigned to the laundry room.
1 Large Plastic Storage Bin, reassigned to the kids' bathroom.
1 Vacuum that will find its way to the dump if I have anything to say about it, whereas Harold might insist on taking it to DI. I say, why give them something that isn't that great? I guess it might be better than nothing, but still, its pretty awful.

**Bag is defined as a kitchen tall bag with flaps from Hefty.

I also don't have a picture of the shelves, because there is nothing there. Nothing. I have 3 empty shelves waiting for something meaningful to grace their surfaces.

Harold's Side: You may notice there are some shoes of mine on his new rack, but it turns out he has VERY few pairs of shoes and I, who honestly never really thought of herself as a shoe person, has more than he does. So, he has to share. Also, there are some blue shorts hanging over the rod on the far left of the pic, those are his workout shorts and that is his permanent spot for them. He is really consistent about this, but now he will be able to actually see that he has shorts there waiting for him, should he so desire. He also has a new tie rack which I fashioned from a new towel rack that is supposed to hang over a shower door. I just could not find a tie rack. Every Christmas as I walk the mall, especially JC Penney, I see all kinds of tie racks. I had to make due, and when I realized that part of my project would require a certain amount of ingenuity, I was game.

My Side: Ahhh, the joy, the beauty! I am now in love with my closet. I can actually walk into the walk-in closet. Hmm, now that I think about it, I may have left that green yarn on my white robe.

The Girl Who Did It All, and got a new haircut with bangs. Daring, I know. But I like it. I could, however, do without the double chin. I probably should have applied a certain amount of face powder too, to eliminate that awful shine.

All in all a productive week despite my nasty cold. When I spoke on the phone this morning to Abbie she asked how the closet was going and she mentioned that I needed to have this project done today. Admittedly, I was not at that moment working on the project. You know that last push that a project needs, the final steps, the pile up of stuff that you just don't know where to put? I was at that point and I even though I knew I needed to finish, it was a struggle. Thanks Abbie! You inspired me to finish and my husband and I are grateful.


mom/Janet said...

That is too funny to see how much empty space you have now. I say a new wardrobe is ready for someplace to be. Why not your closet? Now, don't you feel good? What is your next project? Good job, Jeanna

Abbie said...

Sweet dude! Who knew I was the inspiration? Thanks for the shout out. The closet looks great!

Brittany said...

the closet looks great! i barely recognized it! way to go!

i've really admired how it's always been so easy for you to change the shape, length and color of your hair without a second thought. i on the other hand am way too attached to my hair. i think it roots back to when my mom used to cute it so short i felt like i was a boy. your new do is cute!

hyker said...

I was beginning to wonder how your project was coming I know. Congrats. It looks great.

Katie and Gary said...

Awesome! One of the best feelings in the world for me is to toss out the trash and make a visit to the DI. And you look great too!

Anonymous said...

Hello--my computer is back in business after having to have a hard-drive replacement operation. Wow! I spent my whole vacation housecleaning, and now I wish I had taken some pix, too, as the rooms now have their shiny patina fading fast. Especially the windows--the tornado fringes that beset our little corner of the world plastered yukky mud swirls on the windows and sifted fine dirt everywhere there was a crack. I could have bawled when I got home after a five day assignment and saw the aftermath. Then I had to remember I still had a house--as some families in our ward no longer have even that.

Now, to the comment by Brittany. I take issue with that statement that I used to cut her hair so short all the time. Not true! Only when she was about 3-5 when it was a curly blond cap, and still really fine and thin. Then when she began to grow it out, it was years of stringy. But self perception is the only thing that is self believable. Once Brittany started growing it out, she took care of it herself because I didn't like to deal with the crying and whining that go with taking care of long hair.

So, there. Between Burgandy and Brittany I feel like the Butcher of Arvada. The truth of the matter is Brittany had two friends who each had long, thick, full-heads of hair. That must have been what she wanted. Just wasn't in the genes. Sorry.

Daledogg said...

Jeanna, what an absolutely stunning haircut. You look great with bangs. The closet is also very nice as well. Congrats!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Isn't it nice to sit back and take a look at your hard work and appreciate it. I find that when it comes to big tasks lately that I have major ADHD. I can't seem to focus on one job before I'm flitting around to doing something else. I'm still working on my closet stuff. I hope to have everything done by the time my family gets here for Brien's graduation. I hope that a deadline will kick me in the butt.

Love, Love, Love the haircut!!!

Reno Wells said...

When are you free to come help me with my garage?