Monday, May 19, 2008

My Closet: Before

I've been talking about this project for a while now. It has been so overwhelming and I knew it would take such a long time that I have literally been afraid to go there. Today is the today, or rather this week is the week. I thought I would share a few pictures so that my reading public can appreciate the amount of work that is about to go into this project. I will describe each picture and give a brief summary of the contents. Each description describes the picture above.

You are probably going to have to click on each picture to fully appreciate what you are looking at, but I would prefer it if you did not enlarge this particular picture. This is a picture of the floor of the closet, center view. This of course includes our laundry basket of dirty clothes. Don't go there. You can see the vacuum also, the toilet paper, various and sundry shoes, etc.

This Harold's side of the closet, floor view. As you can see, we have been keeping files in our closet. I am not exactly sure why. I think we thought they were safer there. These babies are going to the basement. We have room down there and I want my closet back!

Harold's side, top view. As you can see, Harold's shelf looks pretty good. He keeps a few things up there but it hasn't gotten out of control.

This is a front view of the shelves and window (yes there is a window back there). Underneath the sack of clothes Amy gave me as hand-me-downs, and behind the cleaning solution is my jewelry box. Pathetic. The shelves are really useless as they house things that either need to go elsewhere or just need to be thrown out. I look forward to finding a really good use for those shelves this week.

This is one of my favorite views. This is my side. If you enlarge the picture you can see a piece of green yarn attached to my white robe. Hmm. Wonder how long that's been there. Underneath the clothes that are hanging up are some clothes that I have been hoarding for a certain quilting project. This week I am going to go through this stuff, take loads to DI, and just plain throw stuff out. (If my garbage receptacle gets too full, I'll have to bag stuff up and wait until late Thursday night to stash my extras in someone else's garbage bin. This is the stealthy, fun part of my project.)

This is my favorite view of all time. These are my shelves. More jeans for a quilting project. Its time to cut them, bag them and store them so that I can take back my shelves. Why we have cleaning products in our closet I am not sure, because the kids bathroom closet has TONS of space for this kind of stuff. I can't even say that we put the cleaning stuff there for convenience because the kids bathroom is literally 5 steps away.

Are you thoroughly disgusted? I am. This project has waited a long time for my attention and I am happy to report that I will have this sucker done by Friday. Come Hell or High Water! (My mom is out of town this week and won't be reading this blog, so its okay for me to used that expression.)


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Jeanna I feel your pain. I've been needing to clean out and organize my closet since I moved in, I've just never gotten the time. I'm hoping that with this long weekend coming up, I'll get the chance.

Post some after pictures so we can all revel in YOUR hard work.

Reno Wells said...

You are great inspiration!! I will have to work on my office.

mom/Janet said...

When we lived in Sunnyside, I constantly was struggling with keeping my closet organized. The problem is that our closets now days are like small rooms. Catch alls, if you will. I'm anxious to see the after pictures. such a good feeling when you work on projects that you can see results.

Cote Corner said...

We must be sisters!! Our closet has the last 3 or 4 boxes from our move in it! CRAZY HU?! It's all the stuff that we threw in the last few boxes at the last minute and they don't really have a "place" so we have just kept them in our closet, in fear of having to find places for all our junk! We have a huge closet and it would be nice to be able to move around in there!! I've been telling Justin every weekend now for AWHILE that we need to take care of it THIS WEEKEND! Hmm... funny how it never gets done! you'll have to let me know how it goes for you. ;)

Jules said...

Good luck, I just recently did Sydney's closet and it was a good thing because now we have her old bed in there. BTW here is the blog address of my cousins cousin who has the two girls she had fostered and is trying to adopt. I think they are in court today to find out. There's not a lot of info., but some.

hyker said...

Yikes! Good luck with that. My closest is always the first thing that breaks down in my orginzational system.

Brittany said...

i know it sounds a bit strange and as if i was deprived of fun activities when i was a child - but i used to enjoy cleaning my closet when i was a kid. i guess that was a pretty big indication that i'd grow up to be a clean and organized freak! good luck with your project! i agree with janet - there is always great satisfaction after you finish a project like that!

Anonymous said...

After the initial embarassment of having our closet posted to the world, I too am glad the closet is getting cleaned. I changed the blind in the closet as the old one literally fell from the window. I guess the sun damages plastic and makes it brittle. Who knew? Anyway, progress is being made. Slowly but surely. Go Jeanna, go Jeanna.


Sandy Alger said...

Jeanna, this is the first time I have read your blog. I have a suggeston for a start on reading the classics. Get a deck of Author cards. We have read some of them for the English Major, but it is a good start... Sandy