Friday, May 30, 2008

What Will $4 Get Me?

One gallon of gas. I know I am not the only person in the world who is flabbergasted by the price of gas lately. However, I read yesterday that oil prices were going down a bit. Then why did the gas prices finally hit $4/gallon today in Utah?

I have been complaining for a while now about my van being out of service. Not having a vehicle at my disposal is really, really getting me down. I feel trapped in my own house. Not that I really have places to go, just that when I want to run to Wal-Mart for a few items, or a prescription for my happy pills (estrogen), then I want to just go get them.

For clarification, my local Wal-Mart is a little less than 1.5 miles away. Easy walking distance for me and my children. Other than WM there aren't a lot of places I need to go in town. Although the library would be nice (probably a little over 2 miles) and Mack's vote would be that we walk to McDonald's every day (easily 2.5). So what is my big problem you ask? I have become completely dependent on my car for transportation.

As you know I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables. They didn't have cars, they would walk places. But even Anne got to ride in a buggy when she was going more than a mile and a half. So I guess a horse is the answer?

I used to joke with Harold that my dream way of transporting myself around the neighborhood would be a golf cart. I told him this once and he asked why I needed a golf cart. I told him that when Mack escaped from the house I would like a golf cart to ride around the neighborhood and look for him. Harold said, "you could walk." Okay, Mr. Smarty Pants, I'll do that. In the mean time my son has fallen into the raging irrigation ditch near our home while I am slowly but surely making my way up the walking path. For Your Information, my cute little golf cart would make the distance I would need to cover to find our son in about 1/5 of the time of me walking.

I know, I have a lazy streak, a pretty large lazy streak. But I just could not keep up with that kid when he was little. He was an escape artist and he was FAST. Still is, but now he has the sense not to run too far.

So who is judging who now? A golf cart would solve a lot of problems. Better gas mileage (37 MPH), no more whiney wife who does have a car at her disposal (poor me), and the kids would stop screaming for entertainment all the time. A nice ride around the neighborhood to visit old friends would be fun, and I would be more likely to get my lazy butt outside for a while to catch some sunshine (I once heard someone say it was better to be fat and tan than fat and white. I do not agree with this statement because I think it is better to be fat with NO skin cancer than fat WITH skin cancer).

At this point I guess I want to know....when can I buy my golf cart? I know it is completely unreasonable to even ask, considering we cannot afford to get the dang van fixed. But that thing only gets 19 mph on a good day. It's probably more like 16 around town. Lame. Not even a sweet SUV and lousy gas mileage to boot.

I could go on and on here. Especially since my $4 won't get me what it used to at the grocery store any more either. Could that be because the price of diesel is even more than unleaded?


hyker said...

I feel your pain. We hit $4 a gallon this week as well. Though I just filled up at Costco and it was *only* $3.85!!! What a bargin! It makes me really miss living in Seattle where I could either walk or ride my bike to the grocery store.

My mom bought me Anne of Green Gables about 10 years ago and I never read it. Maybe I should. Though I did watch the mini-series on PBS. Does that count?

mom/Janet said...

We loved buying our gas at Costco because it was about the only place that didn't put ethynol in it. Well we went on Wed. and it had a sign that said ethynol. The guy said they just put it in that morning. He thought it was going to be federally mandated. What the heck. It reduces your gas mileage and for us it has meant about 6 - 7 miles per gallon. When will it end. Bill and I walk to the bank, PO, and grocery store ( for little things) quite often. Nothing like a little exercise and a small town. Love It.

hyker said...

I finally decided to read Anne of Green Gables. You inspired me! So far I'm about 1/3 of the way through the book and it's pretty good. And yes, Anne is a bit long winded...but I guess that adds to her charm.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed Anne of Green Gables it has long been one of my favorite books. My favorite in the series is Anne of the Island. Enjoy watching the mini-series as well. I had to upgrade from VHS to DVD last year because I wore my set out. I love them!

I'm really not enjoying the high gas prices and I'm a bit nervous about it. We were planning on DRIVING to Utah this August but we are really worried about having enough money for it. I guess that "stimulus" money will come in handy. I didn't want to spend it on Gas, but if I must, I must!

I have been considering getting a Vespa Scooter. A lady I know from work is selling one and she says that it gets amazing gas mileage. I'm just nervous about not having much protection on the road, we have some pretty crazy "red neck" drivers around our area.

mooney said...

I filled up yesturday and it cost me $60! I just about died. I am seriously thinking about what other options I have to get around. Like you though, I am exercise challenged. We will see.
I am also a huge fan of Anne, have the mini series on vhs as well as the book. I didn't like the third one they made as well as the 1st two. It was too depressing. I loved all of Anne's desperate attempts to have her voice be heard-which is not too far off from how I was as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Just got my car out of storage and wound the RPM's at 8K. Who cares about gas prices when the wind is ripping through your thinning hair!

Cote Corner said...

i too wish you had a working car. Then we could get together in provo for lunch once in awhile. Plus, Austy and Pretty would love to play w/ur kiddos. Maybe I should pick them up sometime and they can stay a few nights? What do you think?? We have a room for them to stay in now that Heather is moving out. but shes taking the bed for kayla, so theyd have to bring sleeping bags or something. see ya fri!