Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Cream Update

While I wasn't super professional about the letter I wrote to Good Humor-Breyers, my readers should know that I haven't lived in Payson long enough to be stripped of all of my letter-writing ability/personal dignity. However, I wasn't letting them off the hook, I needed them to know how their icky concoction affected my life. Plus, I tend to exagerate for the sake of my blog, saying what I really want to say instead of smoothing things over for the sake of propriety.

Here is the actual letter I wrote:

I picked Caramel Praline Crunch because I enjoy caramel and pralines,
not because I enjoy coffee. If I had wanted coffee ice cream, I would
have bought coffee ice cream. We do not enjoy the flavor of coffee at
our house and my children and I were sorely disappointed when the coffee
flavor permeated the ice cream. Can you explain to me why you would put
coffee into an ice cream entitled, "Caramel Praline Crunch?"

Their response:

Hello Jeanna,

Thanks for writing!

We apologize for the experience you had while using our product. Before
marketing our products, we conduct extensive consumer tests. Our
manufacturing and packaging operations are strictly supervised, and
inspections conducted to ensure Consumers receive a superior product .
The recipes are proprietary information. We always recommend reading
the ingredients list for any potential allergy or taste restrictions as
these may change at any time.

We will be more than happy to share your comments with our Brand Manager
and the appropriate staff. Consumer comments are very important to us
and are evaluated on a regular basis.

Thank you for forwarding your complete address. We are sending you a
replacement coupon via postal mail for your inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Good Humor-Breyers

Next time I'll pick something safe, like Triple Chocolate or Strawberry. Yum. But, I'll be checking the ingredients from now on.


Reno Wells said...

Good for you. I would have just put it back in the freezer until it was so gross with freezer burn that the only thing left to do would be throw it away. I too am a fan of the Cherry Garcia.

Katie said...

sounds like a major form letter...i'd sick your brother the lawyer on them. You deserve much more that just a measly certificate for more ice cream. Go for the gold! We are experiencing a recession...must i remind you?

I am proud of you for giving meaningful and valid consumer feedback. You go girl!

Julie J. said...

Knowing that you possess the proper mental accoutrements of skillful composition and persuasion, I was confident that you would receive validation of your thoughts and feelings about your confectionary delights. Well done.
P.S. I couldn’t spell half those words, but I wanted to seem as smart as you.

Becky said...

Wow. First I have to say that I'm really impressed by Julie's comment. Way to go Sis!

Jeanna, I'm so glad you wrote about this because ice cream is very important to me, especially good tasting ice cream. From now ON I will be checking ice cream ingredients for coffee...GROSS!!! Especially when it's not what you were expecting...DOUBLE GROSS!!!

I'm also SO glad you wrote them to tell them how you felt. That is called Bait and Switch. They bait you in with a delicious sounding title and switch the delicious sounding ingredients with A) an ingredient you weren't expecting and B) an over powering one at that. They should KNOW that is NOT exceptable.

So, I read your blog all the time but, I don't think I usually leave comments. This is why...I'm long winded. Sorry for the super long comment.

Sandy said...

I knew it!!@!!!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Nothing worse than getting your mouth all set of something only to be disappointed.

So nice when you can get a little validation by way of freebies, comps and coupons!

Good luck with the next carton of ice cream goodness!