Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Postop-Part Deux

Apparently I did a little too much complaining about the amount of support I received when I was postop. I admit, I am a bit of a baby and want some time to heal, some time to do nothing, to have someone wait on me a little bit. Harold did that, but he stopped before I was ready. He may have given all the support he felt I needed, or that he would need if the table was turned.

Now the table has turned. I offer to get him a drink, his pills, a meal, a pillow, blanket, ice pack, etc. He likes to turn me down. Is this to prove that I didn't need as much help as I thought? Or is he just being an obstinate male? This annoying habit gets on my nerves. You are sick, postop by 1 whole day, you need help. Let me do it, please!

I know you could probably make your own darn toast, that doesn't mean you should!


Erin. said...

I'm wondering why men in general have to "help themselves" after surgery, but when they have a cold or the sniffles they are flat in bed? Can someone please explain this one to me? Glad to hear that Harold is up and around. It sounds like life will be much nicer without the gallbladder!

hyker said...

This is why I'm not married. :)

mom/Janet said...

Hyker cracks me up. He often makes the comments 'this is why I'm not married' or 'this is why I'm glad I don't have kids'. Actually, Hyker, it's nice to have someone wait on you. Now on to Jeanna :) Bill is the same way - - major foot surgery and sholder surgery and back surgery - - he tried to do all he could himself. OK go ahead and wait on yourself but I'm taking all the offers I get for help. You better believe it. Just relax and be glad you don't have to wait on him anymore.

hyker said...

Oh I have plenty of people to wait on me........ :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I know exactly what you are talking about!

I'm glad that Harold is out of pain. I hope your "Pain" goes away soon too :-)

I think that Post-Op conversation was hilarious. I think that would make the a great premise for a book "Post-Op Conversations" Want to write it with me?

Julie J. said...

I really don't like waiting on sick people, but when I'm sick, Matt totally waits on me. I'm a big jerk.