Monday, March 2, 2009

The Blue Lemon

On Friday H. and I went on a date night with Matt and Julie. As Matt and I were emailing back and forth, trying to decide what to do for date night, Matt suggested we eat at The Blue Lemon. He had heard of the restaurant through a coworker. I found the website and looked around a bit and decided it sounded fantastic. I was totally up for something new. Do you ever feel like that? Like you just cannot go to Cafe Rio one more time, even though you love it? I was in that kind of a mood. Matt suggested we check with the spouses to make sure they were ok with the food shift. Matt got everything cleared with Julie and I emailed H. with a weblink. He emailed back and said he was a-ok with the new place.

As we were driving to M&J's place I said, "I'm surprised you were ok with a new place, especially since the website said they were 'healthy.'"

H: What?

Me: Well, it said they were "healthy without sacrificing flavor."

H: Oh no! Do we have to go there?

Me: Dude, we already agreed. Didn't you read the website?

H: No response, other than the guttural noises.

So we drive on up there with H. complaining all the way. We get inside and the place is new and clean and has a real sharp new-agey kind of feel to it. Plus, who doesn't like a place called the Blue Lemon. The name alone makes me happy. I dig lemons (if you haven't been reading this blog for very long). So The Blue Lemon is intriguing.

The restaurant is set up so that you grab a menu, walk through a line, order, get a number and then grab a table.

H. takes one look at the menu and starts to grumble all over again. He wants to leave.

Me (very angrily): We are NOT leaving. I am hungry and you agreed to come here!

H: Walks up to the cash register, starts questioning what they mean by "vegetable medley" inside of the chicken alfredo and proceeds to order the alfredo.

We get our drinks, sit down, and this is what I hear from Harold....complete and utter silence for the next 10 minutes.

I apologize, I say I shouldn't have made him eat here. I know he looks forward to date night and eating something yummy...etc, etc.

More silence, then the martyr thing starts up.

H: It's fine, don't worry about it....

(Interesting note: Their plastic cups are made from corn and are 100% compostable, I thought that was pretty cool! The funny thing was, we were waiting for our cups to disintegrate. I mean, how many licks does it take to make a hole in my corn cup?)

The food comes.

Harold's is cold on the outside and lukewarm in the middle. Mine wasn't exactly warm either but it really did taste super yummy. As did Matt's and Julie's. The three of us were really enjoying our meals while we hear drop-dead silence from the fourth member of our party.

We had finished our meal when the guy in charge, Chef Ramsay (as Julie was calling him because he was yelling at his crew in the kitchen), comes to take our plates away and asks how we like it. I explain that my sweet potato fries were really limp and not warm at all, but that they tasted good. He explains that they do not deep fry their "fries" and they are working on the food heating issue and scampers away, after saying several times the phrase, "rock and roll!" I could have done without his superiority complex/attitude. Dude, you have a new restaurant here, why aren't you trying to make this right? I don't need free stuff, just a small apology and a sincere request to have me return again would have sufficed.

Guess who will never eat there again? Definitely H. But maybe Julie and I could take a swing by another time? I think we should have a cup licking contest.

As a side note: The bistro was separated into two parts with only a small partition dividing the restaurant portion with the cafe portion. The cafe portion serves dessert. When we tried to order dessert with our dinner we were told that would be impossible. We would have to order dinner, sit and eat, then go to the other side of the place to order dessert, find another table in a new, different section and eat. What the?


Collette said...

Sounds like an interesting place. For some reason the fact that H. was not liking the place made the story even better. Not that I like to hear about him suffering, but it is just funny to think about.

Brent and I have tried our fair share of mediocre restaurants in the name of something new.

When we lived in Star Valley I think we tried every restaurant in the Valley. We still joke about some of them and how bad they were.

Maybe next week you'll have better luck!

Brittany said...

i had a couple thoughts while reading your post:

1. i thought for sure this was going to turn into a repeat paris pizza story...i was wrong

2. oregon has had corn dinner wear for years now (not that i'm bragging but they are pretty rad. wyatt tried to dissolve his fork in didn't work). i guess that's what you get for living in the greenest state in the union.

3. i love sweet potato fries! we tried to make the "healthy" home-made version and the result was limp also. yummy but not crispy. i was hoping the chef would disclose a secret, instead he was lame.

4. this restaurant screams "utah" to me. maybe it's the way it circumvents the whole gratuity bit. it does make for a cheap date. (one reason i love chipotle and panda express!)

5. they should really create a wall between the cafe and restaurant. i look at it as a form of torture to display the desserts but yet you can't touch them...without the inconvenience of ordering twice. that too screams "utah" to me. everyone wanting to be an entrepreneur. the dessert guy wanting his piece of the pie without sacrifice to the blue lemon guy. not to mention the chef kind of seems like a "utah entrepreneur". did i tell you about the dessert bar here called "pudding on the rice"? i'm sure you have them there too. the guy that started it is LDS and some friends of ours were in his ward here in oregon. our friend said the pudding on the rice guy brought up the fact that he was the owner of the restaurant every opportunity he got in elders quorum. i kind of picture the blue lemon guy bragging about his restaurant in his elders quorum.

6. i just wrote a really long comment. maybe i should've posted my thoughts on my blog.

mom/Janet said...

I say blame Matt for the evening. It was his original idea. :) I hate the silent treatment and hate it even more when I'm the one giving it. Seems everyone else is making more of a point to have a good time. When I find something I like I have no interest in trying something different. At least you got out and on a date.

Julie J. said...

Remember how the benches in the booth tried to remove our pants from our bodies as we tried to maneuver in and out of the bench, and the whole time I enjoyed my Chicken panini, my pants were twisted around my body at a strange angle?.... That was my favorite part. Oh, and I liked the little helper chefs saying "Yes, chef!" to the Rockin' Roll guy when he yelled at them. Good times.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I hate the silent treatment. Dane is really good at it too.

I like to try new things and dear hubby is stuck in a rut and only likes what he likes.

I like their name, but I don't think the Blue Lemon is going to be around for very long with service like that. It's hard to make a restaurant work...I agree you would think they would be nicer about their "issues" and be apologetic.

hyker said...

Funny post. I enjoyed reading it. And I loved the name. Blue Lemon. Sounds exotic. Had to laugh about H. That's why we love him!