Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm all a-Quiver

How many times in a given day do you hear the word "quiver?" I'm guessing if you are like me, you don't hear that word much at all. I would imagine that if you are like me, you could count the amount of times you hear that word in an entire year on one hand.

Well, the past 24 hours I have heard that word 3 times in completely unrelated episodes.

1. I bought a book at Wal-Mart with the title Quiver. I didn't really pay much attention to the title, and lest you think I bought some tawdry romance novel, let me put your minds at rest. This is an action/suspense kind of novel. I wouldn't really recommend any of my tender hearted readers buy this book for reasons I will not disclose on my semi-family-friendly blog. Of course there are multiple reasons for this title. 1. Because one of the characters dies accidentally from a bow (get it, quiver?) from a shot fired from his son (get it, quiver full?) and because there are scary parts (get it, scary, quivering?)

2. Then while I was listening to NPR radio in the morning (I am a recent convert and wish I could pledge some money to this little gem as right now they are having their semi-annual fund raising drive) when a story came on about a movement mostly in the midwest/south area called "Quiverfull." This movement is embraced by conservative evangelical Christians who believe that God will give them as many children as he wants to give them, that children are a gift from God, and therefore, they do not believe in birth control including natural family planning and sterilization. Of course, they get their name from the scripture in Psalms. I really do like this scripture by the way.

3. I was testing Mack on his spelling words and lo and behold, quiver!

What are the chances people? I find this all very interesting and am all a-quiver! with excitement.

How many times have you heard quiver this week? You may count my blog as one source, but other than that, how many?


Abbie said...

Woa... shiver me quiver... that's unbelievable!

Collette said...

None, except maybe when Brent is talking about his bow hunting accessories...which I don't think he has this past week.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Quiver x 3 .... Quite Queer!

Emalei said...

Weird!!! I'm reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to my students and one of the vocabulary words for chapter 10 yesterday was quiver!!! STRANGE. I haven't heard that word in ages...and then all at once I'm inundated!

Sandy said...

I love NPR too. My husband says it is too liberal but the depth of the reporting is magnificent. You can make your own decisions from it. And because of the indepth reporting there is less advertising. I am a new convert too.

Jules said...

I read this post the other day and thought, well I haven't heard it anywhere but here in a long time. Then on Saturday I was reading a book and low and behole it was there. It's funny how you notice things when they are pointed out to you.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I had to comment again because on Saturday, I was going grocery shopping and I was behind a car who's license plate said FULQUIVER and the guy had bow hunting bumper stickers all over his car. I burst out laughing and Wes had further evidence that I should be committed.

Anonymous said...

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