Saturday, March 7, 2009

Super Sad Ring Update

I got a call today from Bags that Fit and they will not be able to get me the ring I ordered. Apparently size 9 is just too darn large...story of my life. I'm so sad I could cry. I've been online and I went to every single store in the Provo mall that sold jewelry. No one has a ring like it. The nice lady offered to refund my money via a check in the mail and I agreed. Then I called back and told her to just get me a size 8 and I'll make do. A size 8 will fit on my pinky. How sad is that? I wanted a ring finger ring. Dang, dang, dang.

If I can somehow jimmy rig the rose part off the ring part, then I'll find a size 9 band on which I will attach the rose. Crossing my large fingers.


hyker said...

Sorry to hear that. You should have bought a purse. One size fits all. :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Dang! I hate that. It happens to me all the time. Just when I find something that makes me feel a bit feminine and cute and I get my heart set on it, BLAM the sizist fairy hits me with her wand.

In the immortal words of the Geico Cavemen "NOT COOL!"

Hope you are able to enjoy your size 8. I'm sure with your ingenuity you'll find a way to enjoy it. If not, you could always get a smaller size and save it fo Sav for Christmas in her stocking. Of course then you might have ring envy resentment issues and there are enough issues between mothers and teen daughters without that. So never mind that suggestion.