Sunday, March 1, 2009


Thanks Julie for the shout out. I had a great time playing at the baptism. I have finally arrived at a place in my life where playing Primary songs has become super fun and not very stressful. Yay!

Happy Baptism Day!

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Brittany said...

do i know that little girl? is that grace? is she really 8? i don't know who else it'd be - your parents and gramma in the picture have thrown me a fast ball.

hyker said...

OK, I am more in awe of your life counter than anything else. Have you really lived more than 14,000 days?! That's crazy. And it makes me feel really old. :(

Jeanna said...

britty, the little girl is the daughter of my cousin. I didn't/don't want to identify who she is for safety reasons. :)

Yes Jeff, I am old. My kids were thinking I was old, too.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I got to hear the song on Katie's blog. You did a wonderful job. I love that picture of the all of you with Grandma Bradshaw. Definitely something McKell will treasure when she gets older. You are looking fabulous by the way.