Monday, March 23, 2009

Vitamin Water

I've seen this stuff around but I've never tried it. Sounds kinda icky to me, If I want water, I'll get water.

But today I was in the mood for a different flava, besides plain ole water. So I opt for a Vitamin Water. I picked orange-orange which is enriched with C and calcium. Now, if I haven't told you this before, I'm starting to get a little worked up about my age and that I need to be making sure I'm getting the right kinds of vitamins and nutrients into my body. Also, with the lapband I'm supposed to pay close attenton to my fiber and my protein intake (which, lately, I haven't been).

I picked the C/calcium combo because I don't get a lot of citrus in my diet and because I don't have a uterus I am at risk for osteoporosis from lack of calcium. Soooooooo.......

I start drinking, and hey! it doesn't taste too bad. I'm thinking I'm liking the VW. Then I think, the VW cannot taste this good AND be low-cal. And, as I look at the nutrition info, I discover that Lo and Behold, I am correct. This dang VW is 2.5 servings, 50 cals each. 125 calories for water. I know this is considered a semi-low-cal snack, and I eat dessert far more often than is necessary so why am I griping about my low-cal water option, you ask?


Do you ever feel like you just cannot win? If I am going to lose weight, do I pretty much have to sacrifice flavor all together?

I've tried the protein water by Special K, not bad, not super high cal, but doesn't taste that great either. I've tried the Weight Watcher mix-ins for water, again, very low-cal which pretty much equals very low-taste.

I think I'll just suck it up and deal with the 125 calorie water and be glad I didn't choose the 273 calorie Snickers (how did she know that?) or the 160 calorie Gardetto's (that is one serving, and we all know I wouldn't stop at 1 serving).

The VW will do just fine today, and I'll stand proud that I made a better choice.

Speaking of random things: Do you ever feel that you want to go back to the days when you didn't think about calcium deficiency, bowel movements, hormone replacement, and high cholesterol?


Julie J. said...

Hey! You could drink just plain water and take a vitamin like the good old days... But that only soves the calorie problem and wouldn't solve your flavor problem. Have you tried the little crystal light packets that you pour into your bottled water? I'm not sure the cals but it is conveinient for work where you don't want to mix a whole pitcher.

hyker said...

Don't you just feel cheated?! I hate it when that happens. You think you are making a healthy choice when in reality you are doing something horrible. Anyway, you may have to go old school and just put lemon slices in your water. That's what I do. It's cheap and easy and not loaded with calories. It may not be a glamorous designer water, but it really is lo-cal.

Jules said...

I love Vitamin water. I used to get the energy one everytime I would go to Target. I did notice the calories and was quite upset, but I would usually have to share with my kids so I usually only ended up with a serving anyway.

I really do wish I could stop thinking about all the things associated with getting older. I have a lot of little hairs growing in odd spots, I would love that lazer hair removal, but who has the money for that.

Reno Wells said...

Now I would like a snicker.

mom/Janet said...

I'm with you on the days when we didn't worry about anything. I love to drink water and have never liked the flavored stuff. So a Snicker is that many calories. that's my favorite candy bar.

Reed (Jeff's brother) said...

Yep, good ol' ice water with a slice of lemon is the answer. Especially when it's hot outside. But, like I'm one to suggest something lo-cal. I usually down 2-3 "Satan Waters" (reg. Pepsi, not diet) to get me through the day and satisfy my need for flavor. And yes, middle age stinks. I do plenty of my own stressing out over errant hair growing, flab, poundage that appears overnight, butter, cheese, cholesterol, can't see without glasses, starting the day with 3 Ibuprofen and a Pepsi chaser at 4am. But really, I always fall back to the mantra of "No salt, no sugar, no fat...NO FUN!" Hang in there!

Kelly Boyle said...

Hey Jeanna, To save the calories and give a little flavor, Go and get a nice big glass water dispenser at target or walmart and cut a whole orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit or cuccumber slices and put them in the water and then put that into the fridge to keep it cold. Then you have a calorie free tasting water that is cold and refreshing. Or make your own freshly squeezed lemonade, orange juice and put little bit of splenda in it but water it way down. That is very low calorie and gives you some good citrus flavor and keep it in the dispenser to keep cold in the fridge and gulp away. Try a few things and experiment, I am sure you can come up with something that is cheap and flavorful. Another thing I learned is that you have to train your taste buds in way. Keep with it and you will realize that your taste buds change and you actually will start to like it. The other stuff will just taste way to sweet to you.

Rachelle said...

so this weekend i ran into the blog "mormon mommy blogs" or somethin like that. And that is a blog called "A Full Quiver" and I immediately thought of you. that word is following me around now.... Ew, spooky. That was so scarry I just quivered...LOL!