Monday, May 11, 2009

No Good Deed...

Harold and I had the bright idea to do some yard work on Saturday. The past few Saturdays have been rainy and I heard TONS of complaints about it. Last week I told H. that maybe the Lord was blessing us with rain so that we would get a free pass from yard work for another week before yard work season began. I had no idea how RIGHT I was.

We spent HOURS on Saturday weeding and planting. Apparently I was exposing my backside during the entire event because I ended up with a sunburn in an elliptical shape on my back. Because I like to educate my readers every now and then, here is the shape of an ellipse.

This picture is perfect because it shows the size and shape of my backside sunburn in red and the size and shape of H.s sunburn in green. Yes, we have matching sunburns.

I do not believe I have EVER exposed the small of my back to the sun, EVER! I cannot sleep on my back, I cannot sit, and most importantly, I could not run today. I started, for a brief moment, and the repeated jarring and rubbing from my clothes made jogging a complete no-no.

Ouch people!

Also, I have the strangest pain in my left Achilles. I spent a lot of time bent at the waist pulling weeds. You would think my back would hurt (the muscles, not the skin), but my heel?

On a brighter note: Mother's Day was extremely pleasant and I was very moved at church. I had a terrific M-day. It wasn't about the presents or the cards, or the Hershey's bar I got at church and snarfed behind the piano during Primary. It was due to a thoughtful husband and loving children.


hyker said...

I know it hurts...but it is kind of funny, only because it is so weird. Use lots of aloe so that you can go running tomorrow.

mom/Janet said...

I can't believe neither one of you saw each others exposure. Who would think that woulf affect your running. Isn't the body interesting.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Sunburns in awkward places are no fun! Hope you've gotten some relief and that you will soon be back to running. Run Jeanna Run!

;-) Love you