Friday, May 8, 2009

Running Tracker

I did 2.46 miles today.

I forgot to set my alarm last night, which is pretty much unheard of for me. I awoke this morning about 6:45 and got out to exercise at 7:00. Usually at 7:30 is when Sav's friend arrives for us to take them to school, but I usually load them up around 7:40.

Basically, we were running behind. No pun intended. I knew that even though I had mentally prepared myself to run today that I would probably have to run further and a bit faster to get back to the house by 7:40. I've mentioned before that I am a slow-as-molasses runner, correct?

The first part of the run was difficult because there was quite a bit of wind. I kept having to adjust my posture, but most of the time I was pitched forward a bit. By the time I ended our first running leg (about 1.5 miles) my lower right back was feeling a bit of pain.

Then came the darn hill. I just couldn't bring myself to run up the hill, I just couldn't. Walking that darn hill is hard enough!

Then after we reached the peak of the hill it was time to run again. After about half way through that leg I was having a hard time. The one word I said to H. between pants was, "struggling..." He asked what we could talk about to help, and I had no idea.

As a ran further I came up with a few things to talk about, or comment on. Here is my exact train of thought and what I actually said to H., in order:

1. I labored long and hard to bring two children into this world with no epidural on either one. That labor lasted longer than a measly 40 minutes of running and if I can do that, I can run for 40 minutes.
2. One of the products of my labor was at home at that very moment freaking out that we were going to be late in getting her and her friends to school so we needed to keep going as fast as possible.
3. Said product of my labor would see us running when we arrived, because she undoubtedly would be standing outside watching for us, and would think that we hurried on her account and were only thinking about her.....which is what every teenager thinks. (and yes, she was standing outside waiting, and freaked out)
4. There were a bunch of fat people driving by watching me and thinking, Hey, if that fat girl can do it, I can do it. Then H. said I was a real reality show right in front of their eyes.
5. Then I said, "Except, when I run, I don't feel like I'm a fat girl." And I started to cry.

It is amazing what my exercise routine is doing for me, mentally.

The other day I ran into my SIL's mom, Sandy. She came into the house and I could hear her ask to see me. She follows this blog and knows I am trying hard to lose weight. I was a little embarassed because I know my body hasn't really changed since the last time I saw her. But, as I think about that, I realize that some of my biggest changes right now are going on inside my head, a place that definitely affects my physical appearance, but that nobody can really see. Except if you read this blog, right?

And, I highly recommend You plug in your address and you can map a route near your house to walk or run. I love that thing, and that little tool is how I know exactly how far I run every day.


Abbie said...

Oh I am totally crying Jeanna! Your comment about how when you run you don't feel like a fat girl just brought on the waterworks. You keep running girl!! You are amazing!

Brittany said...

you really are inspiring! keep it up! you rock!

Julie J. said...

Wowie Zowie! You are awesome!

hyker said...

#4 Made me laugh. You're doing great! Keep it up! It makes me want to work out more!

mooney said...

I totally agree with you about the "changing yourself mentally" comment. We can be our own worst enemy, (how sad is that?)there is something to be said for positive thinking. This is certainly an area that I can work on myself. Congratulations on this new revelation.
P.S. Even though you may not be seeing the results of your hard work right now, think of what a great example you are setting for your family as well as your friends. (but no pressure) :)