Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wednesday: I got up early (5:30), worked for 2 hours, got ready for the day, drove Harold to work, went to the store for some OJ, ran over to BYU to pick up my cap and gown (and as it turns out they weren't "open" yet, whatever), dropped the OJ off at Grandma B's place, and drove up to my mom's house.

I offered to do some house cleaning for my mother so I vacuumed her place which made my arms sore. As I was vacuuming I realized I don't do much of that activity any more. My kids usually do that, and I reserve the tougher cleaning jobs for myself. There is so much carpet in my parents house it seemed like it kept on going and going and going. I also cleaned up a couple of bathrooms. All right, I wasn't going to tell why I did house cleaning for my mother, but the reason is that they have me on their cell phone plan and I singlehandedly took us over the 700 minutes we share in the month of March. They only explanation that I have for me using twice the minutes I normally use is that we were on vacation in March, though I don't remember using the cell phone all that much. So in an effort to help them NOT regret adding me to their plan I offered to do house cleaning to make up the difference they had to pay for me going over minutes.

After that we went to shopping (to try to find me a new outfit), Rumbi Grill (for lunch), Costco (to price out the things I need to buy for the Par-tay), and further clothes shopping (to see if we could find cheaper outfits for me-some of those 'big-girl' shops really try to rip you off!). Sure enough we found some pretty cute clothes for way less. We bought these super cute cropped pants, not high enough to be called capris but not full length pants either. I really like them. I am sure I will be sporting one of the new outfits at the par-tay.

Dale ended up picking up my cap and gown, for which I am grateful. I was so stinkin' busy that I don't know when I would have made it back to the Hinckley Center to pick it up. Poor Dale even had to fill out my "Join the BYU Alumni" information card. Thanks Dale!!! Don't forget to iron my gown! :)

I came home and went to the park with the kids and Karen and her kids for about an hour. After that I went to pick up Harold and while I was on my way back up to Provo I got a call from Savannah telling me that Chardonnay (her cousin who lives in Denver) was on our front porch. Turns out the Jason and the 3 kids drove all day yesterday and arrived last night. We were surprised and delighted that they made it so we currently have a houseful.

Today is all rainy and gray out. It will probably turn to snow at some point. But the cold, wet weather cannot dampen my spirits. Pomp and circumstance, here I come.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Glad you got some fun time with your Mom. Aren't parents the best. We both were very blessed in that area of our lives. I hope that even though you're very busy, that you're taking some time to relish everything. Have fun at your party!

Cote Corner said...

it's always nice to get a new outfit. especially when mom pays for it!! :) (oh and dad!) Just so you know.. if we don't make it to the grad. today then I will be at the grad. on Friday. COngrats sista!

Kelly Boyle said...

Congratulations Jeanna! I hope you have a wonderful graduation and a hoppin Par-Tay. Love ya tons!