Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Winter Semester 2008
ENGL 420 001 Literature for Adolescents 3.0 B
ENGL 495 004 Senior Course 3.0 A
HFL 260 002 Family Finance 3.0 A-
SEM HR ERN 9.0 HR GRD 9.0 GPA 3.57

Obviously not my best semester, that would have been last semester, but a pretty decent GPA nonetheless.

I am going to the library today. I have decided to start a reading list of classics wherefrom I can learn and hopefully challenge myself, on my own terms. I am feeling hopeful and excited about the future.


Juliew8 said...

Way to go. I am excited to hear of your future endeavors. I admire you for all you've done. I never got that good of a GPA at the Y only UVSC, things are a little easier over there. Awesome job, you should be very proud.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Those are wonderful grades. Many, many students would trade and they didn't have even close to the personal load you carried while going to school. You should be very pleased with yourself. Enjoy reading those classics. Let me know what you're going to read and maybe we could have some blog discussion about it.