Monday, April 7, 2008


On Saturday night I went with my sister and my mother to Deseret Book. During the General Priesthood Session of conference the bookstore holds a "Ladies Night." I don't go every six months, maybe once a year, or once every 18 to 24 months. The bookstore gives away books, stickers, pictures, candles, statues/figurines, etc. There are usually a pack of women in the store and women with children and strollers are in for a bummer of a time trying to get around.

As the three of us drove to American Fork to the store we were commenting on how we were sure we would win something. We seem to have a bit of a lucky streak, but I prefer to call it positive energy. I have really started trying to use this positive energy in all facets of my life, but it seems like whenever I enter some sort of drawing my personal positive energy ignites. We entered our names into the plexi-glass box and as we did so I made a fan out of my paper. I know this makes me a freak, but I have heard that there is something to do with more surface area, thereby making it easier for the person drawing the cards out to find and pick my card. Amy and I both used the fan approach.

As we watched names getting called my mother commented that she thought the women pulling the cards out were specifically avoiding the fanned cards. I have actually been at drawings where the person doing the drawing has commented out loud on how they WILL NOT pick the fanned cards. Come on! Every person who entered wants to win, that is why they enter. If it makes someone feel better to fan their card out, so what?

They did a drawing every 15 minutes or so and as I was waiting in line to purchase a new Book of Mormon for my son (he spilled something sticky on his old one, thereby rendering the first 1/3 of the book useless, kind of like the 116 pages that were lost) I hear the name Amy Coat called. Well, as most of you know this is not my sister's name, but pronunciation be darned, Amy won! She got a John Bytheway CD. She assures me that she will listen to it and then pass it on so that my family will have something fun to listen to while we drive to So. Cal next month.

Since Amy won we were satisfied that our luck appetite had been satisfied and we trooped over to Pet Smart. There we met a nice female ferret named Willow. She was cute, but freaked me out a little bit. Amy and her family have just purchased a rabbit and so Amy was trying to find a leash for Snickerdoodle, which is a whole different blog entry but who has the time? While we were watching Amy choose a leash I said to my mother, hey let's run back over to DB for the next drawing. So we did.

Sure enough, there had been such a large exodus out of the store after the previous drawing that they were picking name after name after name to claim the prizes. Sure enough, my name was called. I won a book about mothers with pictures by Greg Olsen. Okay, I said I was lucky, I didn't say I always win cool prizes. The book is nice and all, and has a retail value of $15.95, but I don't get in to picture books. I want a book I can READ, something of substance, not just cutesy quotes about motherhood.

Now that two out of three of us had won we decided to go get some dinner. We walked into Applebee's and there were people strewn all over waiting for tables and priesthood session was getting out in 10 minutes so I was worried about our seating wait time. We walked up to the podium, told them we were a party of 3, and lo and behold, they immediately sat us. Okay people, that made our lucky streak 3 for 3.

We had a great time together and commented on how lucky our husbands were that they married such lucky ladies.

In the future, when I call upon my positive energy powers, I will be more specific as to the items I want to win at the DB drawing, but in the mean time I will bask in the positive energy that seems to flow from within.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You shouldn't have announced what you won. You know that "Mother's Day" is fast approaching and you could have regifted it. I think the luck is in full force when Mom's and daughters get to have some time together. In June, my Mom, Julie, Kelly and I will all be together for the first time in almost 3 years and I am so excited. I'll have to see if there are any fun contests around for us to enter.

hyker said...

Should you be inspired to help me win the WA State lottery....let me know. We can work out a deal.

mooney said...

Congratulations on your small yet significant triumph. Now we know that the fan idea truly works. The only problem with that is now we know the trick to getting your card noticed. Now more people will attempt to follow suit.

It is possible that you won because your husbands' were being faithful and going to the priesthood session instead of staying home......naaahhh.

Katie and Gary said...

Awesome! I don't care if its a candy bar...winning is winning! And being seated immediately is definitely the icing. The only thing better would be free desert at should've faked a birthday...ok so I hate that. Anywho, congrats!

Brittany said...

that was so weird. as i was reading your blog just now i saw your number change. meaning someone else is reading it at the exact same time as me. whoever you are - you should announce it when you make a comment. i am very curious.

i am very excited about your positive energy streak. i have no positive energy (aka: luck) and i can tell some really good stories to prove it. however, wyatt does and i'm hoping that his luck will be enough for the two of us. that is my method - free loading off of someone else's positive energy.

Cote Corner said...

Up until the last few years I never won anything. Now I seem to win every once in awhile. It sure is fun to hear your name get called, but like you, I will be more specific next time on what it is I WANT to win. I would have much rather won the d-land tickets but at least I won SOMETHING!! I seriously had so much fun with you and mom. It was so nice to get out with out the kiddos for awhile. I must have won when I got you as a sister! :) too corny for you?! OH WELL!

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