Friday, April 11, 2008

Touchy Feely, Part II

(This entry may be seen as further effort to procrastinate my paper.)

I am sitting in the Harold B. Lee Library, in the "No SHH Zone." This is an area where there are multiple computers and tables, where groups go to study together, and where I can hook up my laptop and I can print my papers to the library printer. I love this area, mostly because I have never been one to study in silence. I prefer the chatter.

As I sit I am facing two young men. They are studying some sort of science and are obviously friends. How do I know they are friends? They keep touching each other. Not manly shoves, but weird touching, like girly touching. In addition to the touching, they are semi-giggling about it. They look like your average BYU student. One is wearing a wedding ring. They seem normal at the moment. But a few minutes ago I was seriously wondering what the heck was going on. They would also look at each other and give these knowing smiles.

I know these two aren't affiliated with the opposite team or anything, but I wish they would stop. Ewww.

I find this an appropriate end to my stay here, since my stay began with the girly touchy thing.


hyker said...

Eeeew. Interesting. Though I think i am a little weirded out by them. Whatever.

Cote Corner said...

sounds odd to me! Mom told me you were having a hard time finishing up your schooling. Dont worry.. it'll all be over soon! Can't wait to go to your grad party. We can have some beers (extra root of course!) and party til' the street lights come on!

Josette said...

hey there...brit's friend here. just read your comment on brit's blog and it looks as though we commented a few minutes apart. i hadn't seen your comment before i wrote mine, but it seems like we have both tasted our brother's pee. nice. or wait, not nice.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You never cease to entertain me with your observations. College campuses are really very interesting places to people watch. I daily get a taste of the Ewww or ahhhh get a room or just plain... what???