Monday, April 28, 2008

My Aunt Susie

I need to spend a moment on my Aunt Susie. I know a lot of people call her Sue or Susan, but I started calling her Aunt Susie when I was little and I have never been able to call her by any other name.

During this time of self reflection-post graduation-I have had some time to think about all the people who loved, helped and supported me for the past 21 years, especially with my education. Aunt Susie is one of the first to be there fore me. All those years ago as a new freshman my Aunt Susie offered for me to live with her family while I attended summer school at BYU in 1987. I lived in her home, ate her food, became even closer friends with her children, and probably gave her some grief because I was young and foolish. But if I did cause her any grief, my Aunt Susie has never said so. She is too fine a woman to do that.

Then when Harold and I had a flash of inspiration/whispering of the spirit that we needed to return to BYU so he could finish his degree, we called my Aunt Susie again. She never hesitated. "Come any time, whenever you need to." We came all right, within 2 weeks I believe. We lived in an upstairs bedroom, again eating her food, sharing her space, causing her grief. But, again, she never said so, we never knew it, because my Aunt Susie is too fine a woman to do that.

So today, April 28, I honor my Aunt Susie on her birthday, and thank her for the years and years of love and support she has given to my family. I don't say it often enough, but Aunt Susie-I Love You. I admire the woman you are, the wife you are, the mother you are and the grandmother you are. Your children and grandchildren are blessed to call you theirs. And I am blessed to call you My Aunt Susie.


Juliew8 said...

I'm crying while reading your post. I am so lucky to have a mom like her and I don't tell her often enough either. Thank you for honoring her she deserves it.

Kelly Boyle said...

Thanks for the tribute to my mom. She really is the best. I remember those days. They were fun times. I know I was young, but I do remember them. It was fun when you and Harold lived with us also.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I echo Kelly & Julie's sentiments. I know that my mom considers you an honorary daughter! Anyone that can live in the same household as my Dad deserves big props.

Can't wait to hear about the graduation festivities and see some pictures.

Mom McGiven said...

THank you so much Jeanna. I love you too. YOu have never caused me any grief. Love, Aunt Susie

Masters Of Disasters said...

She is great! She sure does help a lot of people. I hope I can be that giving someday. Right now I am just trying to survive. Congrats on you graduation, that is awesome!!

hyker said...

I have an Aunt Susie except that I call her Aunt Helen and she lives in Springville. Your post sounded a lot my experiences in Utah. I lived with Aunt Helen in the summers, ate countless meals there, etc. It's nice to have such great family memebers to rely on. I don't think you have ever met her....but H has.