Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Life is full of them, right? Every time you turn around something is different. Then there are those days where it seems like life is the same day in and day out.

I read a blog "Ode to Groundhog Day" and I could relate....but instead of thinking in the morning that this day will be the same as the last, here is what I think:

At night, just as we are about to put the kids to bed, I think, "Really? I'm going to sleep now and everything will start over again tomorrow?" Again and again and again.

But lately change has happened in a few profound ways. We put our house on the market, my grandmother passed away, the Payson temple was announced, Harold got released as Ward Mission Leader.....and now I'm thinking seriously again about nursing school.

Checking my options. Salt Lake Community College has an agreement with my employer. They have a nursing program where they give points for admission based on:
1. Years at IHC.
2. GPA.
3. Either enrollment in or completion of pathophysiology.

Well, I got years at IHC covered....almost 9!
GPA will depend on prereqs.
and pathophys....

With prereqs and everything, it would take at least 3 years, possibly 4 to get my RN.

Now, at Provo College, I can take prereqs along side some nursing classes. I could be done in 2 years. But, the cost is astronomical.

I need to talk myself down. Be patient, or find a way for IHC to pay for Provo College! :)


Change is coming, whether it's schooling or not, the house remains on the market, the temple is a'comin' but probably without us here, Harold is now a Sunday School teacher, my grandma lived a long, beautiful 89 years and was buried yesterday in California.

Wow....every day life is the same, and it's different.


Jules said...

That's exactly how I've been feeling lately, so many changes yet so many things the same. I hope you make the right decision about school I know how much the cost of things can hold us back. Love you.

mom/Janet said...

I think it's admirable that you want to go back to school. What kind of nursing? You know, Bill gives anesthesia in the OB department at a hospital and LOVES OB. I think you would be good as an OB nurse. Help the moms, help the babies, hold the babies. Good luck in your decisions but the sooner the better.

Abbie said...

Jeanna, I still want to be a nurse! I took most of the pre-reqs but that was almost 10 years ago (hard to believe). Scott is very supportive and I'm thinking I will do it once we are done having children and they are at least in pre-school. I would love to be a pediatric or NICU nurse. We should talk. :) Hang in there, I know how hard it is to think about something but wonder if you will ever get there...

Brittany said...

you have a lot of exciting things going on in your life! i was surprised that the announcement of the temple didn't change your minds on moving... that's the good thing these days, temples "dot the world" :)

i'm glad to hear you're considering nursing school again. believe me, another year or two is nothing. it's just a matter of doing it. in my opinion...

wyatt will be 36 when he's done with school.