Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Quote Britney Spears....

Ooops, I did it again.

I watched The Biggest Loser. And ate. And cried.

What is going on here?

To my (our) credit, H. and I have been walking for two weeks now in the bitter cold a.m. YAY!

Most days I've been tracking my calories...until yesterday. M's bday.

And today, leftover cake day.

Jillian would be mortified.

Bob would forgive me.

The good news is that since Feb 3 I've gotten my weight back down to my "threshold."

Now it's time to crank it up and start going down again.

Without divulging my current weight, let me just say that this number is NOT the one I thought I would get hung up on. I had a couple of major milestones in my head where I knew mentally I might slow down, but this wasn't one of those numbers.

We are planning on going on a small hike on Saturday. A couple of years ago I would have flat out refused. Today I told Harold, as long as it isn't crazy serious hiking.

Why? Because I've hiked and always, always been the last one to come up the hill....breathing heavy, sweaty and completely embarassed. (Once, on my mission in Scotland, when I finally arrived at the top, I was called upon to lead the zone in a song....for realz? I mean, I was 100% embarassed then. The rest of the zone had been there a while, had a while to rest....not me, I looked horrific.)

But today, now, I can at least know that it doesn't matter if I'm last or sweaty, there is no need to be embarassed because I'm gonna do it! If I'm last, I don't care. I'm just gonna do it, because I can.

Anyone out there lost a serious amount of weight, 100 pounds or more? I'd love to sit down with someone like that and pick their brain.


mom/Janet said...

Bless your heart, Jeanna. Keep at it. When you give up is when you've lost. You'll enjoy your hike and you'll feel good about - - - I just know.

Marilyn said...

Good job Jeanna, don't give up and you'll get there eventually. I love to hike. Maybe when it warms up we could go on some hikes up Payson canyon. Notice I say when it warms up, I HATE to be cold. There's no way I could go walking in the early morning right now so good for you. I haven't lost more than 100 but in 2000-2001 I lost 60 and have mostly kept it off with a few little yo-yos. It's not easy but if I can do it I know you can.

Jeff said...

At least you didn't quote "I'm A Slave For You." Yes, I've lost over 100 pounds. Not all at once. As in years of yo-yo dieting and yet again I need to lose some. Just keep at it. It's hard. I know. But I know you can do it. H is a great motivator!

Becky said...

That is my most favorite Britney Spears quote after, "Oh Baby Baby, how was I supposed to know?"

Hiking in the winter...I don't know about that being enjoyable...but, great exercise! Hiking in the spring summer = AWESOME!!! Even if you're/I'm the last one to the top.

You can do it! Keep at it!

Katie said...

Congrats on hitting your "threshold"!? Have you ever tried snow shoeing (sp?). My dad claims it rocks. The things you do for kicks in the snow. Actually I think it would be beautiful. Outside exercising is the only way to go! Keep it up! You looked great on Christmas Eve.