Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Give Away

Now don't go getting all excited, thinking I'm doing a giveaway right here on my little ole' blog....I'm talking about the Big Candy Giveaway of 2010.

I was thinking early this afternoon how I could have a little bit of the candy in my purse, yes the aforementioned candy in my previous post. I thought that half of the candy would be an ok fit into my daily caloric goal.

Then I of my other goals was to give the candy away. And, I stopped myself from eating any.

Then, Mack comes home from school and as I'm walking by my purse I remember and stop and say,

Me: Hey, (as I'm rifling through my purse).......

Mack: Hunh?

Me: (As I hand over the goods)...Here!

Mack: (With a puzzled expression as this is the same Reese's 'egg' he requested days ago) Hunh?

Me: Take it, eat it!

Mack: (Shrugging...) Ok.

Then, I wait for Sav to come closer, which she does.....

Me: (Rifling through said purse again...) Here.

Sav: (As I hand her my Take 5 gets an even more puzzled expression than M. did.) Hunh?

Me: (I just look at her.)

Sav: Can I eat this?

Me: Yep, it's all yours....(as I walk away....happy and sad all at once.)

I'm a little saddened by:
1. The loss of my candy, and...
2. The fact that my kids are completely puzzled by my giving said candy away. Why are they puzzled? Because they are USED to their mother being a piggy. Nice.


Jana Brookes said...

I wouldn't let the girls have any of the creamies I bought! Sad, I know. I'm proud of you for sharing! What a good example you are to me!

Collette said...

Way to follow through. Baby steps! You really make me laugh.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I'm giving you a standing ovation!

Way to go Jeanna!

Becky said...

Way to go! That sounds SO hard and yet so gratifying at the same time. Makes me want some candy!!! ;-)

Matt, Marilyn, and gang said...

I'd say that you can bring candy my way whenever you have another "give away" but I'm trying to eat less sugar too. AHHHHH! It's so hard. I spent some of today printing of dessert recipes that I want to try. Why do I do this to myself?! I am so craving dessert now! Let's hope in heaven we can eat all the sweets we want with no consequences, it wouldn't be heaven otherwise, would it?

Matt, Marilyn, and gang said...

I meant off not of. I really need to proof read before I publish ;)