Tuesday, February 16, 2010

D is for Delilah

We got back yesterday from visiting Dale and Leisa in St. George. It's February, the weather has been cold up here and we've missed having Dale over for Sunday dinner. Now that he's hitched, Harold and Dale planned a visit.

I was hoping, crossing my fingers, that Leisa was ok with the four of us descending on her new home/new life. Of course, Leisa is fantastically easy going, so I wasn't ultra worried, but as a woman with a home, sometimes visitors are hard to bear, even when you love them to death.

So, on Friday after the kids got out of school we packed up (after thoroughly cleaning our house, just in case we had walk throughs-which we did not! UGH!) and headed down to Dixie.

While driving into town we asked the kids if they knew what the big "D" on the hill stood for. Savannah's answer, in a sing-song voice, "De-li-lah....."

We arrived at 8 p.m. and D&L had dinner prepared for us (how nice!). The trip took only 3 hours....which is pretty much the best time for out of town visits. Any more than 3 hours and I start to go all rigid with unhappy anticipation.

On Saturday we had a very full day, after homemade french toast, the day started with the "hike of fame" which I blogged about.

The hike was more like a meandering path. I DIG those kinds of hikes! The view was pretty sweet and Harold and Dale got to do some serious plane watching, which meant Leisa and I got a chance to chat while the guys hung back.

After the hike we showered and headed to the Jacob Hamblin home as well as Brigham Young's winter home. We also went dinner, swimming, and bought some cupcakes.

Saturday was a VERY full day.

Sunday started with a tradition from Leisa's family, pink pancakes and pink milk. So fun! I wish I had more fun traditions that I had brought into my marriage!

We lazed around a bit and then went to church......where the bishop's wife thought I was Leisa's mother! UGH!

Now, Leisa is a lovely girl. If my daughter turns out like Leisa, I'm gonna be a pretty happy mama.

All I could think was, I'm not old enough to be Leisa's mother. Then I did the math and guess what, Yes I am old enough. If I had gotten married the day after I graduated from HS and got married and PG right away, I could be her mother!

Man, this was a major blow!

A girl in RS redeemed the moment by asking if we were sisters. Now, sisters I can handle, especially since I think Leisa is so pretty!

After church we had a superdelish dinner and then walked over to the temple and checked out the visitor's center. After that we walked back and had cake and played games.

Monday we went to the park that we had heard so much about the kids got some energy out! (yay for quiet rides home in the car!)

Then we had lunch and vamoosed.

What a terrific weekend. Here's why Dale and Leisa's parents should be proud:

1. They made every single meal together. They worked side by side in the kitchen, quietly consulting each other, and preparing some yummy meals.
2. They had everything we needed, a bed, shower, toiletries, etc.
3. They planned out the entire weekend with fun, no-cost activities where we got to really spend time together and enjoy eachother's company.
4. They made us feel at home.

Thanks St. George Smith Family!!! You made our stay so enjoyable, we'll probably be back, so brace yourselves. But, we'll only be coming in the Jan-Apr months because any other time and it'll be too hot for this flower!

Can you say 66 degrees when we left Dixie? Man oh man, it was scrumptious.

(Our camera died after 1 shot....lame.)


Jeff said...

Nice. It sounds like you had a good time. I like St George. It is a nice quiet town. And BTW I went hiking today in WA and it was sunny and in the 50's. What winter?

Brittany said...

i've never been to st. george. sounds like i have a very good excuse to go now! glad you had fun!

Abbie said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! I wish we were closer so that we could go and visit Dale and Leisa. :( Boo hoo.

Julie J. said...

Fun! I've only been to St. George once and I loved it. I've been to the Jacob Hamblin house and I had a very spiritual experience there. I'm so glad our church takes care of historical sites and makes them available to us.
I'm glad you all had fun. I didn't know Dale was in Utah.

Dale said...

Dude. We had so much fun having you guys come and visit. Please do come back. We would love it...and we promise to not plan as much stuff next time. Saturday definitely was a full day.

And I'll send you all the pics we took on our camera, which I don't think turned out to be very many. But anyways.

mom/Janet said...

It does sound like fun. Thanks for the report on how the newlyweds are doing and working together etc. It stinks when reality hits you in the face doesn't it? You are old enough to be Leisa's mother but then again I could be her grandmother. I would have started young but possible. Great post

Becky said...

That sounds like fun! Especially the weather! I can't wait for a vacation/get away!

Becky said...

I forgot to mention that I loved S's answer! "De-li-lah....."

Jill @ Jillicious Discoveries said...

Great post!! It sounds like you had a nice trip. I love how you are so aware of how to be a good house guest--which is why you are always welcomed in my home anytime! :) It's been years since I've been to St. George--but I love that the weather is usually good in that area. :)

Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

Gotta love visiting St. George during this time of year in the snowy part of the state. Its amazing how your mood automatically lifts as you pull into red rock country. :)