Friday, October 5, 2007

Conference Weekend

I sat down in English class today and a girl walked in behind me saying, "Our weekend is stolen," and then proceeded to tell us she lived outside of Utah growing up and went to conference on Sunday but wasn't aware that we were supposed to go on Saturday too. Okay, that's interesting. As you know, I am not a Utah native either but I was aware that conference is a two-day event for everyone. However, I sometimes begrudgingly participate in the Saturday sessions, okay a lot of times I do that. For some reason it has always been difficult for me to sit through 8 hours of church in one weekend. I know the men do 10 hours, but I did my time last week during Women's Conference so in a way the women have it easier because we can get a little extra credit before conference weekend even starts. I always end up really glad that I listened to the whole thing, but it has always been difficult for me.

Today in the Twilight Zone (BYU's version of a 7-11) I was buying my breakfast and watched a checkout girl give her phone number to a guy in line. Both checkout girls were giggling quite a while after he left so I asked my checker, "Did that other checkout girl just give that guy her phone number?" She replied, "Yes, but he had to ask for it again because the last time he asked she only gave him her name on the paper." This explains why I heard her say earlier to the boy in question "Sorry (giggle, giggle) I must have been so excited that I forgot."

The boy and girl actually look alike so I definitely see a future for them, because as we all know we marry people that look like us. I am not sure the exact reasoning behind this but as I thought about it today I decided it must be because we all really like the way we look so if we marry someone who looks like us it is the ultimate vanity, because now we can look at ourselves for eternity.

One of my English professors spent most of today's class cracking himself up. He just kept on chuckling to himself for practically the whole 50 minutes. He is pretty opinionated about the stories we read, but he is pretty funny to listen to. He also plotted out a whole short story he is going to write, right there in class. The funny thing is, I have that short story in my head already. It is about an LDS boy who does naughty things (and by that I mean word of wisdom things) during the week and then proceeds to bless the sacrament on Sunday. The reason I have this in my head already is because I had this happen to me once. I went to a youth activity and while walking on the beach with a guy friend of mine he offered me pot. Might I mention that is the one and only time I was EVER offered drugs? Anyway, I politely said no, but then he proceeded to let my inactive friend who I was trying to activate have some and I had to take her home stoned. That Sunday he blessed the sacrament and I wondered for a long time whether or not the sacrament was okay for me to take or whether it was tainted by his indiscretions. (I have since realized that it is my worthiness to take the sacrament that I need to worry about, not the priest who blesses it.)

I have been considering trying to write a short story or two. Sometimes I think my blog entries can count toward the effort because it takes me so little time to yammer on about nothing. Unfortunately you can't really print out my blog entries and really study them, highlight great sentences with a really deep meaning and make notes in the margin. Maybe I would be better at writing newspaper articles since I am a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda girl. Who knows. I am almost 38 years old and I still don't know what I want to do with my life (by that I mean career, since I have to have a career, financially speaking). Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I think you are a fabulous writer and would make a wonderful columnist along the lines of Dave Barry. Your wit and wisdom are priceless! Write that short story too. I've been dreaming of being a writer myself and am working on some children's stories. I'm taking a writing class at Elon, Life Histories, and I have a great Prof. who is helping me to learn how to craft readable stories. I know that whatever it is you decide to be when you "GROW UP" you will be wildly successful.- Holley

Jeff said...

I grew up outside of Utah and I was aware (painfully) that conference was a whole weekend kind of thing. Who are these people? I would help you choose a career...but I still don't know what I want to do with my life. And it's all about me....isn't it?

Daledogg said...

Your comments on fairly normal, everyday activities are hilarious. I really think that if you did it right, you could really be some sort of social commentator and be fairly successful with it. You've got my support! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanna, Are you surprised, yes your Mother just got on-line to read your blog. I heard from everyone that you are a fantastic writer. I just received confirmation that it is true, after I read your blog. I would encourage to follow your heart and follow the spirit. Let the spirit guide you to whatever it is that you are supposed to do (career wise that is)You will be successful at anything you strive to do, because you are very wise. I always said that you have much wiser spirit than I do. I have always felt that I could go to you and you could give me good council on anything. Follow your dreams Love, Mom