Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Slice of Life

I am shocked to think that there are people out there who have so little faith in me. I did not, I repeat, did not skip class today. I thought about it, I weighed my options, I remembered the last experience with skipping and I went to class. All of them. I did not give in and go to lunch with Harold and Dale (and Cory). So, Harold, Dale and Britty you can all just take your low opinion of me and (fill in the blank). Okay, in an effort at fairness it was Harold and Britty who were sure that I would skip today. Dale was only the evil temptor. Before I get too high and mighty, let me just tell you that I didn't read his blog comment until after I got home from class, otherwise the temptation might have been overwhelming.

Just for reference sake I should probably define who the above offenders are:
Harold-My sweet husband.
Britty-Harold's sister.
Dale-Harold's cousin (I know he is a first cousin once removed but I hate writing all that when no one really understands it anyway.)

I wonder if my own flesh and blood family would expect the same bad behavior out of me. Hmmm. Any blood relatives out there who would like to comment?

Turns out my English prof wasn't feeling good and ended class 15 minutes after it started. He was also going to give a quiz which he showed us but didn't make us take. I would have aced that dang thing. Darn it. So far in that class we have only taken two quizzes, one of which I missed and the other I practically failed. I am a little worried about my grade in there.

Since I had some extra time before my carpool left campus I ended up spending most of my free time with Dale, sitting on a bench in front of a sign that advertised the Pre-Med Club. Apparently both Dale and I look like Pre-Med majors because we started getting questions.

Here is a little note to Dane (another first cousin once removed): I saw you on campus today. I even got a look at the elusive Bridget. Alas, you were so busy addressing every single friend who walked by that I could never get my foot into the proverbial door enough for you to acknowledge me. Yes, I was sitting on that Pre-Med bench I mentioned but not even a glance my way. "Sorry we weren't able to take your call, please leave a message!" So I am.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I have FAITH in you Jeanna, I know that even if you had been tempted by the bait of GOSSIP that you would have been strong. You are WOMAN, I hear your ROAR all the way in North Carolina.

mom/Janet said...

I wondered if you would go to lunch with the guys yesterday. It probably was never an issue before you became a student but the thought that Harold is on campus picking up Dale and Cory is probably more a great temptation. I was invited once when I was down there visiting. Now: on to Dane. Boy can I relate. That boy knows more people and always speaks to them when he sees them, sometimes to the point that you feel like you're intruding. I don't think there is a time when I'm talking to him on the phone that he doesn't speak to several people as he passes them. He's just a people lover. My companion while in the LTM (MTC) had gone to BYU three years before coming on her mission. At that time, we met on campus and could go to the bookstore and even ate at the Cannon Center. It took us forever to go anywhere because she knew sooooooo many people. I didn't know a soul. Oh, and I hope you and Dale enjoyed your moment of people thinking you were in the med club.

Britty said...

since i have no witty way of getting out of this....i'm just going to say - you should have gone to lunch. see where following the rules got you? no where! you could've been out to lunch enjoying yourself (since your prof canceled class anyway). and then in that case you may have never got snubbed (unintentionally) by Dane. i hope you learned your lesson.

Jeanna said...

Harsh Britty! Should I start teaching my kids that too? Don't follow the rules, see where it gets you? I hope my children's aunt knows better than that!

You know you are a Nichols when:
1. Follow the rules and get nowhere.
2. Don't follow the rules and get into trouble.

I must be a real Nichols!

Abbie said...

True that about Dane. I was with him a couple weekends ago at the football game and told Bridgy that she better get used to it if the relationship is going to go anywhere. I think it might drive me nuts but that's why he's my brother and thus why Bridgy is dating him. She must like that. Plus, she likes that he calls her his Boo. They're a perfect match!! Gangsta and gangsta lover...


You really do make me laugh...I think I mention that every time I read your blog. Keep it coming!