Friday, October 26, 2007

The top 38 reasons I love Harold (the birthday boy)!

1. His love of the gospel.
2. His hands, so strong.
3. His work ethic.
4. He tells me I am beautiful.
5. His infectious laugh.
6. His sense of humor, even if he does laugh at British comedy.
7. He laughs at my jokes.
8. He gave me Savannah.
9. He gave me Mackson.
10. He loves people.
11. He is the sole caretaker of our yard.
12. He makes me feel special.
13. He doesn't watch sports. (This one is HUGE! for me.)
14. He goes to the temple every week.
15. He plays the organ with UMPH!
16. He holds FHE.
17. He brings us together for family prayer and scripture study.
18. He is kind.
19. He is gentle.
20. He is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Wait, does Harold do that?)
21. He appreciates a clean house and works hard to make sure it gets clean every week.
22. I NEVER have to ask him to clean or do yard work. (He asks me, but that's another story.)
23. He appreciates a home-cooked meal.
24. When I make a Sunday meal he gets right up and does the dishes.
25. He encourages me to do my best (school, gospel)
26. He loves the Savior.
27. He can make others laugh, just by his presence, he has a joy about him.
28. He takes pride in what we own, even if I call it white trash (i.e. the Geo)
29. He can find a common ground with anyone.
30. He got an education and by doing so set a great example for our children.
31. If I get to Heaven, it will be because of him.
32. He never, ever gets after me for going astray from Weight Watchers.
33. He values our time together as a couple and takes me on dates every week.
34. Whenever he hears a jet engine he looks up, even if he is driving. Although this scares me, I love that he has a passion for something so amazing.
35. When I break down, he lifts me up.
36. He likes to play so we get out of the house do DO THINGS. He NEVER sits around.
37. He listens to me, no matter what I want to talk about.
38. He promised me when we got married that we would spend our 75th anniversary together when we are 100. It may not happen, but I know he feels the same today as he felt then, even more so.

All my love to my forever friend and handsome husband. Happy Birthday Lima!

Love, p.


Britty said...

i think that is one great list! you summed up harold so well! i too love his laugh. it makes me laugh just hearing it. and he is so good at making me feel good about my trials and reminds me i'm a great person - even while he may be going through the same trials (like finding a job - he always knows what to say to help me feel confident about myself and finding the right job for me). he always makes me feel special. when i was a kid he used to take me out on dates - just him and me (even if i was a bit scared of the term "date" and didn't understand it's real meaning". he's one great guy!

Juliew8 said...

I too agree that Harold ia an amazing person. Adam and I always enjoy the time we get to spend with you guys. In fact we really need to get together soon. Why does life have to be so crazy? Please wish Harold a happy birthday and tell him we think he's the best. Gee I wonder who's birthday is next.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! That is so awesome. Happy Birthday Harold! I'm sure you are all 38 things and more!

mom/Janet said...

I must say Happy Birthday Harold on Jeanna's blog. What a tribute. I wonder if bill could come up with 53 reasons he love's me.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful spouse to be able to see only the best of the person you chose to marry. And you have the good stuff right on. Harold is all that--and more. I could fill another 38 spaces with an entirely different set of reasons Harold is special starting with the time he asked his grieving mother on a date to the Sweetheart Ball after Jeremy died. I had the cutest date and the best dancer for a partner.

Tell Harold happy birthday for me. I have reminised about his birth day and his birthdays over the years today, and each one has a special memory in my heart. My first born boy is a wonderment for sure!

Jeff said...

WOW! What a catch!