Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Help me out here. Most people who read this blog have either graduated from college/university or have at least attended one class there. When an English professor assigns a paper, how many drafts do you go through? Let me be completely honest with you...I do MAYBE 3 drafts. More than likely two drafts. I turned in my first page of a paper to an English professor on Friday and today in class he basically acted completely distraught that our papers were so "first draft." Okay, I'll admit it, mine was a first draft. Even as I was handing in the first page of my first draft I saw some things I wanted to change, but he was just going to go over the papers and offer advice. I had no idea that he would be so gravely disappointed in me. If the paper is an end of term paper, or going to be graded more heavily for whatever reason, i.e. research paper, I will put forth more effort and go through more drafts. He was so worried about us that he gave us an extra week to complete our papers. He is also going to meet with each of this week (on a volunteer only basis....yea right!) so that he can go over our paper with us.

Here is my goal: For every Tues and Thurs that I have (which are my homework days) between now and when the paper is due I will re-work my paper. This essentially means that by the time I turn in my paper I will turn in draft #5. I'll let you know my grade and if I get above an 88% I will be a convert to the five-draft paper. If not, forget it! Because I generally get an 88% on all papers. For some reason I have barrier that I have reached in my paper writing and I can't get past it, but I rarely go below it either.

On a side note: Why do girls wear high heels on campus? Are they building their own Rameumpton with their shoes? I cannot figure this phenomenon out. In addition, they wear tight leggings and oversized shirts (mind you they are nice shirts) with the heels. I know this is a fashion trend at the moment, but OUCH! I wore semi-heeled shoes one day, about 1.5 inches, but they were espadrille type shoes and by the time lunch came around I was buying Band-Aids at the Twilight Zone. By the time I got home I was nursing a fairly serious blister. I am looking at the scar on my left foot as I write this. Not all girls on campus are this silly, but advice to my college-age-first-cousins-once-removed-in-law who are on the same campus as I: DO NOT DATE THE SILLY GIRLS! They will not be allowed in my house for Sunday dinners. Consider yourself warned.


Brent and Collette said...

I don't get the heels either. I've never been one to be way into trends though. Give me some jeans, comfy shoes and shirt, and I'm set.
Good luck on your paper. I think English professors have issues. No one ever writes up to their standard. That has been my experience anyway...they always bugged me. Luckily I only had to take one English class (because of HS credits), but Brent had his share that we worked through together. Good luck on your paper. You have more patience than me. Five drafts is way too many. Three, max:)

mom/Janet said...

You've heard the saying "you marry who you date" Well, a word to your first cousins-once-removed-in-laws - - that is a sign of a high maintenance girl. Stay clear or forever hold your peace. I never have understood those girls myself. I had my hair done the other day and my hair dresser and two others in the shop had on spiked heals. COME ON I wish I could be of support to you on the draft issue but my memory of writing papers faded many moons ago but still I wish the best for you in your efforts.

Daledogg said...

Jeanna, I thank you for the warning, but I know we have had many conversations before where I have mentioned I don't get the heels thing, nor the tight leggings with the over-sized shirt either.

P.S. A report on a great date I had last night will take place at lunch today at 1:00 pm if you're interested, which I know you are. :)

Britty said...


don't give into Dale's evil temptations... friends don't let friends miss class (Dale!). i like high heels myself but I also dig a good pair of kicker shoes. It depends on how nice i want to look and if the shoes match the clothes i'm wearing or not. however, i do not understand the oversized sweater and leggings thing. i thought we were all unanimous that the styles from the eighties were a BIG mistake.
have fun at lunch - cuz i know you're going....i would too if i were you.

Jeff said...

BYU: 'Tis a silly place. Thirteen years later on I'm still confused by some of the things that took place.