Monday, October 29, 2007


Harold and I just got back from SLC where I had a follow-up appointment at the Huntsman Center. We had to wait for two hours to see the doctor and another hour to get a chest x-ray. I realize that doctors and hospitals are busy, and that there are people there who are very sick and require more attention than I do, but I was very, very disappointed in the wait. One of those hours was spent half undressed with a sheet on an exam table.

We had planned on carving pumpkins tonight with friends. We were home two hours later than planned and I had to call a friend to take the kids because I was worried about them being home alone and I had to cancel the pumpkin carving as well.

Then when we arrived home our daughter was thinking we would still have the pumpkin carving activity and when she discovered that was not the case she was livid. She pouted, crossing her arms defiantly across her chest, her head bowed down with a frown on her face that would scare the living daylights out of anyone. I restrained myself. I actually thought of throwing things and screaming, telling her that my day hadn't been all the fun, and that her poor father not only had to wait all that time with me, he had to drive for two hours to get me to the doctor and back. I kept my mouth shut and waited. Eventually Harold addressed the bad attitude and he and I calmly explained that our day hadn't been all that exciting and that we were disappointed too. I think it was much more effective this way than if I had thrown the coffee table, cereal bowls and all, into the air, screaming as I went.

Okay, in an effort at full disclosure, I gave the RS lesson yesterday on Elder Holland's talk entitled, The Tongue of Angels. This is an area in which I need some serious help. But, the talk really helped me tonight and we avoided a major scene that would have escalated and become very ugly.

Today I am grateful for inspired leaders who know what we need and when we need it.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

WOW! I need to go and read that talk because my house has been filled with overreaction and histrionics. I just get so frustrated and can't seem to keep regretful things from flying out of my mouth.

Sorry about your long day yesterday! I know exactly what you went through. I find it ironic that our family doctor now charges for someone who misses an appointment and if you are 15 minutes late you have to reschedule. But they can keep us waiting for an hour or more.

mom/Janet said...

Although it's tough at times, it's good for our children to see that we "parents" have bad days. It is best that the calmer one is the one that explains it and puts them in their place. Bill would always say "I'll take care of it - -just stick with me" I hated those attitude times. I can't recall having them with the boys at all. Have fun carving tonight.

Britty said...

why did you go to the hospital? did i miss something?

sounds like you handled the situation well. i think it's always better to speak with a calm voice rather than screaming. i know it is hard to do - especially with soon to be teens (despite my experience on the parenting side.


Wow! Way to incorporate the church and home thing! That's the whole point right...I really am proud of you. I love that talk which reminds me that its time to read it again. I wish I could have heard your lesson by the way. You really are an amazing person I'm realizing....can we hang out? I'm thinking a blog gathering in December when I come. :)Katie

Abbie said...

For a minute I thought, dude, I would have thrown the table. That would have gotten some attention. But I'm glad that it didn't wind up like that. Glad that my mom doesn't remember anything like that with the boys. Isn't it weird what hormones do to a girl? Ugh, the life we live.