Monday, October 22, 2007

Top 10 Thoughts

1. Last night we played Taboo with the kids. The teams were guys against the girls. Harold was giving clues to Mack and the word was "lazy." Harold's first clue was, "Sometimes dad is this," to which Mack replied, "A jerk!"

2. When Mack was giving clues to Harold he said, "When girls wear this they are being immodest" and the answer was "bikini."

3. The other day on campus I saw a guy wearing a sweatshirt that said, "Pizza King." Here is what I want to know, do they ever print those shirts in anything smaller than an XL. Anyone making that kind of declaration wouldn't be any size smaller than that.

4. I saw another guy wearing a shirt with a hand holding playing cards that said, "I'm kind of a big deal." (Yes he was an overweight slightly frumpy guy.)

5. I'm all for being self aware, but I don't buy shirts that say "Hostess Raspberry Donuts are my best friend," or "The reason I look so angry is because my jeans are cutting off my circulation" or my favorite, "Size 3X shirt and proud."

6. Two weeks ago I informed the kids that only 1 towel per week was needed. I warned them that any more than 1 towel in their laundry basket and they would be folding and putting away all the laundry by themselves. Today Mack had 4 towels after two weeks and Sav had 11.

7. Weight Watchers has been going really well this week, way better than in the past couple of months. I feel better and feel like I am actually getting back on track. Anyone who has read the weigh-in results will know why I felt motivated this week.

8. A freak October storm blew in some serious cold air and snow this weekend. Picture me pouting.

9. A friend of mine was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, only to find out at an emergency appointment to address the problem that the nurse had read her someone else's results.

10. Paul and family got evacuated today due to the San Diego fires. Some homes in their neighborhood were burned, but so far they think their's was spared, but they cannot be sure. Any and all prayers will be appreciated.


acote2 said...

aahh.. a sigh of relief as I have waited all day for a new blog and finally got it! ;) How did Harold feel about Macksons answer?? I can't believe Paul and Renee had to leave their home. Hopefully their home will be ok. but mostly I'm glad they got away safe and sound!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Do you think that disjointed rambling thoughts are genetic? I love reading your posts because you see the world in a very similar way to me (is that narcissistic or what?) Sounds like we need to get Mac and Wes together sometime, they can try and "Out Smart-Aleck" each other. We will definitely be keeping Paul and Renee in our prayers. Please let us know if there is anything they need or anything we can do for them. What a scary thing to be going through.

Britty said...

i had to laugh out loud when i read that sav used 11 towels. seems a bit ridiculous. but maybe she just likes being clean....

Abbie said...

Funny thoughts until the very last one and then I just felt sad. But it was good for me. :)

Juliew8 said...

I will pray for Paul and Renee. Do you know where they went and how they are doing? I hope it all works out. The rest of your post was hilarious as usual, love ya.