Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Answers

1. When Abraham Smoot died it was discovered that his personal fortune was gone. Why?
He spent it trying to keep BYU's doors open.

2. Kimberly Clark can be found where on campus?
In the bathroom, on the TP and paper towel dispensers.

3. Where does a picture of Emma Hale Smith reside?
South side of the library, all RS president pics are there.

4. The basement of the Joseph F. Smith Building has Wifi capability. T/F
True on the east side, false on the west. I have no idea why.

5. The Clark building just south of the library is a.) The Herald Clark Building, or b.) The Harold Clark Building.
The answer is A. I just noticed because when people mispell my Harold's name they do it that way.

6. The Twilight Zone sells spiral binders. T/F
Nope. Tried to buy one yesterday and had to tromp all the downstairs in the bookstore to get one.

7. During her Short Story class Jeanna was found to be in the library today. T/F
True. Although I wrote the quiz before I did this. I had to get some other stuff done and had to cut out of class.

8. The Eyring Science Center has a cafe. Which days are the cafe open?
Mon-Thurs only.

9. What team is playing against BYU this weekend?

10. In 2006 BYU defeated UofU. T/F
True. I saw a clip of it in Biology today, in reference to pickle juice alleviating muscle cramps. (student presentation).

I have to say I am disappointed that no BYU students tried to answer the ??s. Maybe I didn't give enough time, but I can't come back later today to give answers because of the big Par-Tay. Wish all us fairy-loving humans good luck.

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jeff said...

I only got 4 right.....I guess I'm not a very good alum.