Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Today, since I didn't have to work (see my last post) I spent the day doing homework, okay and a little online television (yes Dale, I did watch our show, and it was great, except that stupid Lena, I am hating her). I completed my take-home test for biology which had to do with energy and photosynthesis. I am soooooo glad my prof made this a take-home test. It was open book of course, just not open friend. If I had to take that test at the testing center you would have seen my great attitude about going back to school take a serious nosedive. Even with my book and the internet (hello wikipedia) wide open I struggled. But I did learn and that was what the professor wanted from us, so mission accomplished.

Tonight Sav and I made invitations for her birthday party next week. She has been telling me for about a year that she wanted a Tinkerbell party. I talked her into "fairies" so that it would seem a little more tweenager instead of juvenile. Here is a copy of the pic we used for her invitation:

Cute huh? I am excited about her party and as I think about it, being at her party will mean that my history midterm has already been taken, which means I will really be having a good time!

Believe it or not, chaste pictures of fairies are kinda hard to come by. You wouldn't believe the half nude pics we had to endure to find this pretty one. And here I was sitting there with Sav going, "Um, not that one." To which she replied, "Um, no." Like mother like daughter.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I am so jealous! What a fun party you are planning. Savannah is such a gorgeous girl with her blonde hair and fair skin (must take after her mother) and I can totally see her as a Fairie! I hope you both have an amazing time at the party.

Juliew8 said...

I like your new background. I hear you about the fairies, I have a hard time finding acceptable barbies for McKell and she is well aware of what's modest and what's not. She was actually at a friends house one time and refused to wear one of the dress ups because it was immodest. I was embarassed when my friend told me, but I'm glad she knows better. Enjoy the party, if you need to have Mackson out of the way we're available.

mom/Janet said...

This sounds like a fun party. I dreaded birthday parties but the kids loved them. Hopefully they have some fun memories of birthday parties. We're looking forward to hosting you at dinner on the 18th. We already have the menu planned. YUM See you then

Daledogg said...

Jeanna, tell me about it. I am glad to see that Justin will get some help for his problems, but I just want to strangle this Lena chick. Actually I want to strangle Tommy right now. Can't believe it.

Am I invited to the birthday party? Just curious.