Friday, November 16, 2007

Pop Quiz

Since I have been subject to the ever popular Pop Quiz, I decided that it was time for me to give my fair readers a pop quiz of their own. So, get your brains working...This quiz is about BYU. So, if you consider yourself a fan, an alumni, or a current student you better get a good grade! I will post the answers later today (or tomorrow). You may answer in the comments section. The person with the highest score gets (drum roll please) THE GLORY!

1. When Abraham Smoot died it was discovered that his personal fortune was gone. Why?
2. Kimberly Clark can be found where on campus?
3. Where does a picture of Emma Hale Smith reside?
4. The basement of the Joseph F. Smith Building has Wifi capability. T/F
5. The Clark building just south of the library is a.) The Herald Clark Building, or b.) The Harold Clark Building.
6. The Twilight Zone sells spiral binders. T/F
7. During her Short Story class Jeanna was found to be in the library today. T/F
8. The Eyring Science Center has a cafe. Which days are the cafe open?
9. What team is playing against BYU this weekend?
10. In 2006 BYU defeated UofU. T/F

Good luck!


mom/Janet said...

I'd have to take a guess on the majority but I know that Wyoming is playing BYU this weekend and I also "think" that BYU beat U of U in 2006. I'll be anxious to see who passes. I'm not an alumni but let me tell you, we've put a ton of money into BYU but that's okay. I love it and my kids have been blessed by being there.
Oh, ps. I would guess the answer to the question about Jeanna being in the library during her Short Story class is true or you wouldn't have brought it up.

Julie J. said...

I know nothing about BYU. But I do know who the Graduate Secratary for the College of Health and Human Performance is.

Brittany said...

Kimberly Clark is in the bathroom! She's in the bathroom at UIC too.