Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random thoughts

1. I saw a shirt today that said, "I refuse to advertise for any brand." I liked it.

2. Cow bells rock.

3. My English professor said he spotted two youngsters in an embrace in the hall. "They were pecking each other like a chicken picking up seed. I wanted to tell the boy to grab that girl and give her a decent kiss." He may be old, but he rocks.

4. My major midterm that I took yesterday went fine. Not as well as last time, but okay. I forgot a major event in India's history (the All-Indian Conference) and the name of the Taiping Revolt in China's history. Considering all the details I had to remember, I consider forgetting those two events a minor infraction.

5. The other day my history professor yelled and swore at the class. Well, mostly it was at a guy who was asleep.

6. Matt and Julie started blogging, and I could not be happier. By the way Matt, that pic of your car on fire may have been your best day, but I have to say that one of my best days was when I saw that picture.

7. I spent a better part of this afternoon contemplating quitting Weight Watchers. Karen made me go. I actually lost 2 of the pounds I had gained back. Shocker.

8. I went to quilt night tonight at the old ward building, with the ladies from the old ward, and Karen. I asked about defecting back to the old ward.

9. Throwing a fairy party for a 12 year old isn't as easy as it originally looked.

10. Are we really one week away from Thanksgiving? I actually have two friends who are done with Christmas shopping and one of those friends also has all her presents wrapped. How did I get such over achiever friends anyway?


Julie J. said...

So, Matt and I blogging falls under weird news huh? :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I so enjoy knowing that I'm not the only one in our family who has strange random disjointed thoughts. I think that Heavenly Father has blessed you with over-achieving friends because he knew that you would never get that kind of inspiration and motivation from your relatives. I'm seriously considering postponing Christmas until Valentines Day.

Abbie said...

Don't quit Weight Watchers! You are going to be one of those people on People magazine who lost tons of weight and have cool stories to tell. Just think about it. You could write it yourself and then maybe get a job with People magazine! Ok... maybe that's a bit too much but I still think you should try. Can't wait to see you SUnday!

Juliew8 said...

Don't quit weight watchers I was just getting ready to join. In fact Holley suggested a blog book group which I am totally onboard with. We could also start a weight club. I think it could be very motivating and lets face there are enough of us to make a good size group.

Matthew Johnson said...

I guess me asking you to host a fairy party for me is out of the question than?