Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cal: Day Three

We slept in. At about 12:00 we headed up Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. On the way we were seeing all kinds of roadside fruit stands, so I had to stop. I ordered the car to a halt, and T was happy to oblige. H and I bought some artichokes, strawberries, oranges and mangoes. K ended up buying some pricey honey to give to her loved ones who watched her children while they were away. (Check back on day 5 for what happened to the expensive honey.) One was avocado honey and the other lavender honey.

We loaded back up and got to Santa Cruz. The boardwalk was pretty slow, half of it was shut down. But there were also a LOT less people than in the middle of summer. We didn't ride any rides, but we did buy a hand dipped corn dog and some garlic fries to share. Good thing, ultra big moolah for two food items and one drink. But they were good, real good. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Vacation=food? We also bought a shark tooth necklace for M's present and added that to his Easter basket.

T was looking for an ultra cool kite but they didn't really have what he was looking for on the boardwalk so we headed downtown which is where one of the boardwalk workers told us to go.

We parked, checked out the location of the alleged kite store and alas, there was no kite store. So we wandered a bit further and there was a book store which we all kind of got lost in for about 30 minutes or so. T, H and I headed back to the car while K had another errand she wanted to run. As the three of us approached the car there was a pink piece of paper on the dash. H says, "Is that a ticket?" No way. A pink ticket? Sure enough, it was a $20 parking ticket. Apparently between the four of us we had 0 brain cells working because none of us remembered to put any money into the meter. Oops. So we got the $20, went to buy a money order (no cash accepted) and a postage stamp and mailed that baby off. Stupid.

We swore off Santa Cruz, at least for another year or so, and drove back to Carmel. We made dinner and watched Enchanted (new on DVD). I konked out, of course, and H ended up doing all the dishes. He wasn't too happy about it, and I can't blame him but I was kinda out of it. This is my problem, I get on a couch and pretty soon I am horizontal and my eyes close within 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow. Another fun day that just plum wore me out. Did I mention that the weather was perfect? Sunshine, blue skies, slight breeze. Amazing.


Brittany said...

it's funny how vacations do equal food. i can tell you my favorite thing i ate on each and every vacation i've ever taken. i still talk about the nectarines in paris, the pot pie from jersey, the buko pie and mangoes from the philippines, the corn on the cob from new york, etc...

i'm in suspense about the honey!

Juliew8 said...

Couches have the same effect on me, maybe it's in the genes. My dad is pretty much a narcoleptic so there you go. I love hearing about the trip, next time I'm going with you if you will let me.
I agree about the food thing, some of my fondest memories or trips are about food.

Cote Corner said...

vacation = FOOD!! No doubt about it!