Sunday, March 23, 2008

She's Back

While our trip was wonderful, and I will expound on that later, I would like to share what happened the last day.

We were at the airport and our flight was oversold, so Delta was asking for volunteers to get bumped from the flight for $400 in Delta flight vouchers. On a whim we volunteered, just because we could, not because we actually expected to get bumped. But lo and behold, we got bumped. We got a total of $800 in vouchers, they put us up at a hotel in South San Fran, gave us meal vouchers and flew us home first class this morning (Sunday).

When I found out that we were actually going to be bumped I cried, literally. After we volunteered I felt like I was so tired and just wanted to get home, but now that I am home that voucher money is going to come in handy. Of course we have thought of a zillion exotic locations whereto we could use the vouchers, but we told the kids that they would be included, because they sacrificed too. So, undoubtedly we will use the vouchers to see a family member at some point in the next year, but we have no idea which ones. I guess it all depends on who woos us in the most persuasive way! :)


Brittany said...

um hello! why wouldn't you pick me?!!!

mom/Janet said...

Um hello Brittany, I was going to say, pick us. You could easily fly into Spokane with that kind of money but not Pasco. Brittany and Wyatt could then come and see us all. We have the room. Keep it in mind. I must warn you, though, Prosser is not exotic but we could go to some beautiful places.

hyker said...

I would even go see you in Prosser! Delta even flies direcetly from SLC to the tri-cities!!!! And they fly to Yakima!

Juliew8 said...

I am always wishing that would happen to me. You have had a lucky year, first free Disneyland, now free flying. I'm sure Easter was put on hold, but you are going to love having those vouchers. I'm glad you had a good time, I want to hear about it. I haven't been to Pebble without kids since our honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Come visit the Ohio Nichols in Cincinnati. I figure that you will want to visit the place where you are going to end up living some time in the future anyway. Come check out your future home.

Besides, Delta just happens to have a main hub here in Cincinnati.