Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Wolf In Our Midst

I spent a good 15 minutes today passing off the last of the requirements needed to make my son a Wolf scout. He and I marched up to the front of the meeting and received the patch and the mother's pin. While it is nice to be recognized as the mother of the scout, I would also like to recognize a loving, attentive father in the process as well as a terrific den leader whose signature is on that book just as often as mine. Thank you Ann. I knew what a great leader he had, but I appreciate it even more now.....and I think you know why that is.

FYI: Harold calls Mack a "woof," whereas I say "wolf" with the L clearly enunciated.

I am sure I aced my second YA Lit midterm today. I studied for all of 10 minutes. I shouldn't admit that, but it is true. I pay attention in class and take copious notes, and therefore have all the information at my fingertips for the 10-minute Super Study Session. (Can you smell the sarcasm?)

I am feeling less stressed today, thank goodness. I think Harold is just as stressed out as I am, about me being in school that is. He has been struggling as the supportive husband and before things get even uglier before the semester is over I feel I should say a very big thank you to a great husband who insisted I go back to school to finish up. I could not have done this without you. Hey, I have an idea....after I graduate let's take the kids and go to Disneyland.

Can you hear our Wolf howling at the moon?


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Congrats to Mac on his achievement. That is also nice shout-out to his leader. That is one of the toughest callings in the Church. I served in Cub Scouts for 8 years. It was a lot of fun but boy did it take a lot of preparation and energy. I must say that I'm grateful to be back in Relief Society, much easier. Congrats to you on your successful mid-term, I wish you luck on your others.

Brittany said...

way to go mack! wyatt is the weblows leader is having a lot of fun doing that. as i was reading your email i was thinking how interesting it is how all the nichols' kids married spouses with excellent english skills. this is based on how well you write and the big words you use. wyatt is constantly correcting me - especially on pronunciation. just like your 'wolf' and 'woof'. the end of the semester will be here before you know it! what is it - a month and a half? if that!

hyker said...

I'm with you. "Woof" is a sound a dog makes......" Congrats to Mac! That's cool. I loved Cub Scouts. I still have my Pinewood Derby cars!

Masters Of Disasters said...

Shoot, you just reminded me that I need to have all that stuff for peyton signed of by next week. We better get buisy, thanks for the reminder!