Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gentle Readers

My sincerest apologies for not checking in sooner. After almost 1 week of no posting, I should be ashamed. I do feel kinda bad, but not really. As most of you know I am extremely stressed out and super busy with midterms, extra reading in both English classes for major papers, getting ready to go out of town (I know, I'm not going to get any sympathy for that one), etc, etc.

On top of all that, today on his way to work Harold was driving the van and it started making horrific noises. No, it didn't blow up, but he thought it might. We can't drive it until we get it checked out and financially that is just not going to happen until after the trip (our priorities aren't always this screwed up, but when you have already purchased airline tickets, you can't just NOT go).

It is no wonder that when I went for a post-cancer checkup today my blood pressure was measured as astronomical. However, I am sure the first lady who tried 3 times to get a decent read had misplaced the cuff. At the end of the visit, another MA came in and measured my BP at 120/80, which is just fine. Being told you have high blood pressure can really make your blood pressure sky rocket. I was feeling even more stressed and my face was flush and I was freaking out. Turns out it was nothing to worry about, and it really was not high BP, just an MA with poor BP taking skills.

I have decided to look at our car troubles as a blessing. When we have trouble, we humble ourselves and turn to the Lord. Obviously the Lord is wanting us close, which can only be perceived as a blessing. Deep cleansing breaths, in....out....in....out.


mom/Janet said...

Hang in there, Jeanna. I'm impressed with all you can do. You have alot of potential. It was so nice to see you this weekend and have you and Harold a part of our family activities. We missed you yesterday at lunch but Harold was able to grace us with his presence for a short time. Bill and I commented what a good weekend it was. Hope all goes well with your car troubles. Yes, it's good to have a trial once in a while that brings us back to the dependence on the Lord. It's so unfortunate that we tend to forget him when all is going well. Have a good time on your little get away. Bill and I are firm believers in get aways. Even now that we are home alone all the time, we still love the get aways. We can focus on just each other. Love it....... Good luck with all that's happening.

Brittany said...

i think that is so great that you have such a positive attitude on your situation. not that means you can't be stressed about it. harold told me that the van was being towed and i just had to smile. harold has horrible, to the point of humor, luck with cars. good luck to you! like you said, things will work out!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know all about car stress and financial stress. You are absolutely right it is humbling and brings you closer to Heavenly Father. Good Luck and enjoy your trip!

Cote Corner said...

yup, you're right.. no sympathy for the whole going out of town thing! :) But I know how car troubles can be! NOT FUN!! n-e-way, I hope you have fun on your trip!