Monday, March 31, 2008

Wrap Up

On the last day of our trip we cleaned, packed and headed north to the airport. We drove up highway 1 to Half Moon Bay and cut over to the airport. The craziest thing was that when we went to fill up the car with gas, we got off the freeway and they were selling gas for $4.41/gallon. What the heck? Another block down and it was $3.60.

At the airport K's bag weighed over 50 pounds so she had to unload some of the stuff. T's weighed 25. The problem was the honey. K had no room, T said he was full too. They headed off to security where the honey was confiscated and thrown away. That was about $25 down the drain and K was NOT happy. I felt really, really bad for her.

After giving up our seats on the airplane, we ended up staying at a hotel by the airport and T and K flew back home.

A great trip, and I probably made the telling of it last WAY too long.

Now that I have been back home for over 1 week, I am getting into the final push to finish school. I have been reading a ton, writing a ton, and wasting a lot of time in between. I justify my time wastage as mental health time, but in reality I am just plain ol' wasting time.

The girl assigned to look over my research paper and give suggestions gave some GREAT suggestions and I was so happy that I got partnered with her. She also offered to read my draft before I turn it in, for helpful hints on punctuation. I had confessed to the entire class that I apparently have horrible punctuation problems, so she was kind enough to help out. Coming from a girl whose own research paper was amazingly good, I am feeling blessed by her offer to help. I am especially surprised because she is having to do finals too, it isn't like any of the students have a lot of time to spare, and yet she offered to help me. What a nice girl!


hyker said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. Can you believe that you are almost done with school?! Rock on!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Good Luck on this final push to Graduation. You will be in my prayers.

Juliew8 said...

I had a feeling the Honey story was going to end that way. I had bought a very expensive bottle of sunscreen at disney world and it ws confiscated too. You really have to pay attention to all the new rules. I hate that terrorism has mad us have to adhere to these ridiculous rules. Anyway I'm glad you got a free night and I didn't realize your friends went home. You had a free night in a hotel alone, good for you.

I expect to be invited to graduation in some form or other, just so you know. If you need anything before then please don't hesitate to ask. We could even have your kids over so you can have some peace and quiet while studying.

Katie and Gary said...

You definately didn't waste time...for sure it was mental health time. That's a good one by the way. Sounds like you had a good trip....good for you. You have been working way too hard lately. :)

And thanks for your "ability to make friends" compliment on my blog...I've never thought about it before....And it felt nice to hear.

I'm sorry about the honey as well. I had to throw away yogurt that I was eating for breakfast and water and I was ticked about that...$25 would for sure put me in PO'd mood!