Friday, March 21, 2008

Last Day Blues

I know nobody feels sorry for me, but here I sit, in Carmel, California, looking over the Pacific Ocean in 60 degree weather, blue skies, beautiful green grass, shrubbery, and trees and it is our last sunset before we book it home.

We have had a fantastic time. We have done the quick touristy tour of San Fran, Carmel, Santa Cruz, and Monterey. We have eaten too much, watched bad golfers and good golfers, we have played games, watched videos, walked a ton, and shopped in a bazillion quaint little shops. This has been a perfect couples vacation.

We are all in agreement that if we suddenly came into millions of dollars we would make Georgia an offer. Not that she or her family would want her to take it, but we would have to try at least. This is such a perfect place. Such a beautiful house, beautiful gardens, beautiful view. There are so many other humongous houses here, but Georgia's house is the best by far. This is the perfect place because it has all the amenities without being pretentious in any way.

One of the grandest things about this place is it's owner, who willingly invites and allows remote relatives to enjoy its splendor. Thank you to Georgia, with our most heartfelt gratitude.

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