Sunday, September 30, 2007

There's a hole in my pocket, dear liza, dear liza...

Do you remember the hole in the bucket song from Sesame Street? There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza, there's a hole in my pocket, dear Liza, a hole! Then fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry, then fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, fix it! (I loved that skit on SS, but now that I am older I realize the song probably existed long before SS and I just don't know its origin. Oh well, it is still a great song!)

Today there is a hole in my/our pocket because yesterday we slapped down a bunch of money on practically a whole new wardrobe for Harold. He got 7 shirts (two white and 5 colored), 4 pair of pants, 3 ties and a belt. We didn't pay full price for any of it, but it is still hard to pay that much money. The kid ringing up the sale said, "Wow, that [the amount of money we were spending] is more than my whole paycheck." This comment in turn made Harold feel really guilty. He has never, in all his years, spent that much money on clothes in one trip. I really wish the kid would have kept his yap shut. As I said before, we usually don't spend that kind of money on clothes, but let me just say that Harold was looking kinda sloppy. This is a problem because I believe that the better you dress, the better you feel and the better your chances are of getting ahead in Corporate America. We just happened to have a few extra bucks and I feel that Harold is a wise investment.

My comment on Friday about being married to a very cute guy is true and I want him to be able to feel cute too, you know? Okay, maybe he shouldn't walk around feeling cute per se, but handsome, confident, capable. I, for one, am looking forward to watching him dress in the coming weeks. I hope he puts his cologne on every day too, as a nice smell never hurts.

I know I need to start posting more pictures but here is my problem. I use my work-issued computer for posting and I use my personal computer to download my pics. I cannot download pics onto the work computer. But getting online with my personal computer is a real pain in the rear. Thus, the picture dilemma. But, if I ever get it figured out I will post soccer pics and pics of Harold looking super, duper handsome in his new threads.


mom/Janet said...

I'm sure your purchase was well worth it. It's always good to update. Sometimes I'll have a favorite piece of clothing and realize it is almost 10 years old. Do you think it might be out of style? Oh Dear. Your comment about the cleaks comments reminded me of going to the bank to make a deposit once. The teller made the comment "Boy, it must be nice to make that kind of money" It made me feel uncomfortable. I know she didn't mean it to be judegemental but none-the-less, I called her supervisor when I got home and told her she might want to talk to this girl. Those are not appropriate comments to make. So, I hope Harold enjoyes every minute that he spends in his new clothes.

Los Wilsons said...

I always love getting new clothes! I agree that it really does make you feel confident and good about yourself and how you feel is evident to those around you. I think Harold is a good looking man too. And you're a good looking woman. And that you make a good looking couple. And you have cute kids! I'm not bias. If I remember I think Harold wears the same cologne as Wyatt (Pi) - which was a bit weird when I smelled "Wyatt" and it was Harold standing next to me instead. Almost a bit on the creepy side since I LOVE the smell.