Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Final Countdown

I'm pretty sure I've used that title for a past blog, but I don't care!

I have about 12 hours to go before Sav gets home. I'm pretty excited to see her. I have to tell y'all about what happened today.

I begged my mom to come down to Payson to spend time with me. I was feeling super desperate to get out of the house and thankfully my mom had some free time for her oldest daughter. We went to lunch, stopped at a few home decor stores for fun, took Mack to Toys R Us for being a decent sport so that he could look at some "army guns" (his current obsession), and then we went to Costco.

While at Costco I spotted a couple of YW leaders from our ward, with matching camp shirts (the logo was "its a jungle out there," which I think is cute). Anyway, I stroll over and proceed to harass them about whether or not they have run out of food and that is why they were at Costco. They laughed and said they had come down from camp on Tuesday night for some personal responsibilities and were headed back up, but had to make a pitstop to get a birthday cake of some sort to take back to celebrate the YW president's bday.

I asked how Sav was doing and they were super nice, very complimentary about her. They were telling me about how she was such a good sport, and how she participated in the more difficult physical challenges, etc. I could tell they were holding out on me, so I called them on it. They kind of looked at each other and were like, "Oh she cried a little on Monday, she may have been a bit homesick." So then I'm feeling kinda bad for her. Then they say that some girl was mean to Sav. What? Someone was mean to my baby? Why would anyone do that? I prodded, wanting to know the name of the offender. (I had visions of toilet papering dancing through my head...). They were hesitant to tell me, but I assured them that Sav would tell me, so why don't they just give me the name NOW! They told me who the girl was and I wasn't too surprised. Sav is pretty strong willed, but this other girl is 13 going on 20. Even though they are both beehives, the one is way more physically advanced than my girl, and she is a HUGE flirt. Sav hasn't picked up on the finer points of flirtation yet (thank goodness). Anyway, I am anxious to hear the juicy details from my daughter. The leaders said she cried, had some alone time, and then came back and everyone was fine after about 30 minutes.

Oh, the drama of being in Young Women's. And, oh the drama associated with the hormonal shifts that are taking place in those girls' bodies. It is at moments like this that I am ultra grateful for Primary.

Thanks to all the YW leaders out there, past, present and future. You have a place reserved in the CK, a very special, hormone-free place.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

OOOOOOH! Some kids just make me so mad. Brien had a very similar experience and Scout camp the first year he went. There was one kid, that kind of had it out for Brien and took it upon himself to torment him. Really raised my mama bear hackles.

But he got through it and the funny thing is Brien and that kid are now really good friends. They have both been working together really closely to help each other get their Eagle projects completed. They turned 18 within a couple of days of each other and have been called to be assistant scout master's together.

It's hard to watch your baby have to learn how to deal with "mean" people. You just want to shield them from all hurt and pain. But, these are lessons they need to be prepared for life.

Jules said...

Thank you for saying that about Young Women leaders. It isn't the easiest job in the world but I love it.
We had an incident at Camp where two girls who are really good friends would be tight as nails one minute and fighting the next. We finally moved one of them to a different cabin and that solved the problem. We are very lucky to be big enough to need two cabins. Anyway these girls are so funny because they are both mean and rude little brats, yet of course it's always the other ones fault. Then the mother's get involved and each mother equally thinks her daughter is the innocent one. I just laugh because frankly I'm glad not to be their mother just their leader. I also had to have a talk with these two girls about respecting their leaders. When I asked them what it means to show respect they looked at me like I was crazy, I actually had to define respect for them. They could have asked McKell, she hears that word several times a day. Unbelievable!
Anyway I'm sure Sav is stronger for the experience. Sounds like this girl has some issues, like so many of them do. That's too funny that you heard about it before she even got home. I'll be interested to hear her side. As you know we deal with plenty of drama from the 7 year olds around here.

mom/Janet said...

Growing up is hard and so is being a girl. Actually, being a parent is hard. It will be interesting to hear her side of the story. Do you remember how homesick Emalei when we took her to college. I wondered if she would ever grow out of it and now she's living in Switzerland. It's good they have growing experiences but hard to see them have it sometimes.

Masters Of Disasters said...

Girls are so mean. I remember all the drama of teenage years. I'm glad that is over. I can't believe S is already in young womens . The funny thing about this age is that she will probably come home from camp being all friendly with the other girl who was mean.

Cote Corner said...

seriously! I don't think girls will ever change. I remember the same thing going on at girls camp when I was going. I'm sure S had a great time once the drama was over! :)

Tasha Cook said...

I had crazy hormones when I went to young womens camp. A vibrator helped with the hormones.