Friday, August 22, 2008

School Picture Day

School just started this week and yet Sav has school picture day today. What the heck? Is there a problem with waiting for mothers to get their wits about them before you ask them to track down paperwork, figure out a portrait package and get it paid for online? Come on People!

Sav brought home a small slip of paper yesterday informing me that it was picture day today. In very small print on the bottom of this slip of paper was a statement that basically said, you only get pictures that are paid for in advance. Of course I know this already, however, this little slip doesn't give me any type of payment information, envelope, etc. with which to make said payment.

I send Sav off this morning and she is completely ticked off that I don't have it together, that she has to ASK someone in the office what is going on and call me back. She gets the I'm-a-preteen-so-therefore-I-will-be-grumpy-for-no-other-apparent-reason-other-than-to-irritate-you look, and goes out the door.

About 10 minutes later here comes Harold, who took Sav to school and was supposed to drive straight on to work. He has in his hot little hands the envelope with payment instructions. Good. Well, apparently Lifetouch has finally worked out a system where you can pay online prior to the pictures being taken. Hallelujah! (As many of you may or may not know, we either do our deals with our Visa card or cash and I NEVER have cash on me, and we haven't had checks for YEARS).

I go to and proceed to order when H tells me he doesn't have time for this. Hmmmmm. And I do? He asks, can you please do this and then drive the form back to school. Here is the list of problems running through my head:

1. Mack is still home, hasn't had breakfast, lunch isn't made and if I leave he will have to get himself out the door.
2. The car that is available to me has informed me that I have approximately 1 mile of driving left before the gas runs out and the round trip is about 1.5 miles.
3. The car from #2 is also unregistered.
4. The car from #2 and #3 also has the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT on.
5. I am supposed to be clocking in for work.
6. I went walking this morning, haven't showered and I will have to haul my nasty, smelly, dried sweat body into the jr. high and meet up with my 7th grader to give her the info, probably embarrassing her to death.

Fine, whatever. I do the online payment, I drive the un-gassed, un-registered car. I leave my 9 year old alone at home, and I haul my nastiness over to the school.

Good thing I had some time on my hands.


mom/Janet said...

I could totally hear H saying "I don't have time for this". I always hated those morning dramas before school. Oh, and how I remember the hormonal teenage girl looks and attitudes. Of course, I was NEVER like that as a teenager. Actually, I don't think I was. My mom and dad wouldn't put up with it. Anyway, I hope you'll have some time on your hands later on today.

Erin. said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am still in my nastiness this morning too. But, I do have to venture to Costco at some point and it will require a shower. As for the morning drama, I don't think it requires being a teenager - my kids haven't slipped out the door for school once this week without SOME drama. Ugh.

Jules said...

I feel your pain. McKell came home the first day of school with a big brown bag. The bag is for "Queen for a day", which means McKell has to be the queen and tell about herself to her class, etc. We had to make a crown and put a bunch of things in the bag that tell about McKell, including pictures. Well I find out about this a few minutes before I have to leave for the rest of the night to go to YW's, so I have to turn this project over to a very thrilled husband.
Well said husband couldn't finish the task (except the crown because it is artsy and right up his alley), so I get to do it in the morning and get her off to school plus Sydney to an 8:40 appt., after dropping Garrett off at a sitter. Good thing I washed my hair the day before.
Anyway thanks for letting me vent on that one, I thought there were advantages to our name being toward the back of the alphabet but I guess not.