Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Week in School

We made it! No tears, no sleepless nights. Mack did so great this year and I'm really proud of him for recognizing the anxiety about school and being able to deal with it. I worry about him, but lately he seems to be managing his anxiety pretty well. I have read a bunch about anxiety really coming on at his age and how its normal for this age to think more about death and dying and the causes of it. He asks me the most random questions...like:

Mack: Mom, will my dresser start on fire?
Me: Why would your dresser start on fire?
Mack: Because of all the stuff on top.
Me: What difference does that make. Why would the stuff on top be a problem?
Mack: Friction.
Me: Well, you would have to take the stuff on your dresser and rub it really hard on your dresser to see if you could start a fire with it. And I'm guessing that nothing on your dresser at the moment would have enough friction with a painted dresser to start a fire.

Nothing quite like spontaneous combustion to get a kid really fearing for his life.

The kids are both doing so great with school. Sav is adjusting to junior high life pretty well, locker, 7 periods, 7 teachers, 5 different classrooms. She's a good kid. They both are. I'm lucky, or blessed, however you prefer to see it.


Abbie said...

I would have to say definitely blessed. :)

Cote Corner said...

Friction?! That is SO funny!! I never would have thought of that at his age! :)

hyker said...

Cool. Sounds like things are off to a great start. I miss the "back to school" days.

Julie J. said...

I'm glad to hear they are doing well. Why can't life just run smoothly?!