Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon

For anyone who knows me, the title of this post has more meanings than one. I often speak before I think, and often think as I am speaking and end up saying too much or coming across like I really don't want to do something when I am just making talking logistics out loud in my head.

Having said that, my title is in reference to yesterday's post. Exactly one week after starting school my kid is home sick. But, I have to hand it to him, it is legitimate. After having a semi-sore throat for a couple of days and running around like a madman at his first soccer game last night, he woke up this morning wheezing with an even worse sore throat.

Here is how I know its for real: Tonight he has a sweet cub scout den meeting planned where they get to hike up to the Grotto here in Payson canyon with the entire pack. He was seriously looking forward to it and was super sad when I had to call his den leader. Poor guy. If he was even semi-sick he would have gone to school because he knows if he stays home from school there is no playing and no extracurricular activities that day.

Good times, a kid home sick. I hope my current foray back into the wide world of exercise will help me stay healthy as I have no interest in catching anything off the little guy.

SIDE NOTE: As for the soccer game, I was impressed. Our little guy can still run like a mad man, though I noticed he isn't quite as spry as he used to be. But he is still talented. A father from the opposing team stopped us in the parking lot to tell us that it was too bad these teams were playing on smaller than regulation fields because my kid (and another one on our team) had the size and the skill to have kicked the other teams trash and that the only reason our kids' team got beat was because the field was small and every time our guys would turn around they would hit a wall of blue shirts (opposing side's color last night). I really do love watching my kids play soccer. Soccer is the most amazing sport to me, requiring a level of athleticism that will keep my kids healthy and they will have some MAD skills. I hope our boy recovers by tomorrow night, there is another game and I would hate for him to miss one.

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Jules said...

I too hope he feels better soon. I feel the same way about soccer. McKell had her first game last week and she kicked a goal, I was so excited. Of course I forgot to blog about it, nice going. She has a game tonight and I will try to get some pics. Have a great day and maybe you should get some echinacea, Steve swears by that stuff and says it keep him from getting sick.