Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last night we had free tickets to attend the Bees game. They are some sort of minor league baseball in SLC. H's work got us 4 tickets. Here are my various attitudies about the Bees game as time progressed.

A. Sweet, that was very nice of them to get us tickets, maybe we'll take the kids and it'll be fun.
B. Maybe we won't go. Matt and Julie want to double date, so lets do that instead.
C. What do you mean we HAVE to go? I thought this was optional.
D. Maybe M&J will go with us?
E. No M&J, lets take the kids.
F. At least I get some taco bell tacos for dinner tonight on the way to the game.
G. Harold is being unusually quiet tonight while we drive to SLC.
H. Harold seems to be in a foul mood, but he insists he isn't.
I. Harold is seriously making me angry. This is his work thingee, why won't he perk up?
I1. H keeps trying to get the kids to leave.
I2. He talks Sav into going home.
I3. Mack might be up for leaving.
I4. I'm playing it cool, mirroring Mr. Downer-pants.
J. Ok, two can play at this game. I'll be just as quiet and moody as he is being.
K. I see, he can make an attempt to talk to coworkers (only after being at this dumb game for 2 hours) but not to his wife?
L. Oh, so now that someone is talking to him he is happy? What about me? Wasn't I good enough company?
M. Harold turns to me and says, "I Hate to say it, but I think we're gonna lose?" You think? Its 10-1 at this point, inning 8.
N. I guess we are staying for the fireworks.
O. I text ChaCha to find out how many calories are in a McDonald's ice cream cone (150 if you care).
P. The fireworks are pretty freakin' cool.
Q. I should not have worn flip-flops because in order to not pay for parking we had to park 1 mile away. Ouch.
R. Me and the kids sleep on the way home, never stopping for a cone. Too tired, too late.
S. Harold seems happier now, thankfully.


hyker said...

This is why I'm single.

hyker said...

No. It didn't bum me out. It just made me appreciate my independence. :)

Cote Corner said...

I've used cha-cha a few times for things like that. It comes in handy once in awhile!

Jules said...

That was funny.

Jules said...

Hi, I saw your comment on Holley's blog. Kelly is coming out in October for my Grandma's 80th Birthday celebration. I will arrange a meeting with you and Baylee, she really is super cute and so fun. Of course it could be that my children can all talk to me and you know what trouble that brings. I really enjoy Baylee, as I'm sure you do your little nieces and nephews.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I hate it when Dane gets all crabby and goes into his cave mentality. Irks me to no end. Glad that things turned out ok. You've made me want McDonalds Caramel sundae now!

mom/Janet said...

Again, I can just see Harold. I hate the silent treatment but I've given my fair share in our marriage. Why can't things just be rosie all the time?