Monday, September 17, 2007

Blog annoyance

I posted earlier today but got some lame error message. This has happened before but when I came back later my post was there. Not this time. How annoying.

Here is my concern: What is the proper blog etiquette for responding to comments? Do I respond w/i the comments section? Do you all come back and check my responses? Or should I email you directly? Here is my decision: I will respond w/i the comments section if you ask me a question or if I feel you need a personal note. So, check back as I may have responded to your comments.

The program went well yesterday. Of course there was nothing to be worried about. The children always do well and I am always amazed at the command of the spirit they have. Is that a proper thing to say? I am not sure. Maybe command isn't the right word but they surely can bring the spirit with them wherever they go.

On an interesting note....our bishop announced yesterday that we would be having sacrament meeting only, combined with another nearby ward at 4 p.m. next Sunday at the stake center. Interesting. Harold tells me I am not to say a word about it (in fact he warned me that if I told a soul what he told me that he would "NEVER TELL YOU ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!"), but here is my hint to you...We have about 650 people in our ward. Of course I will update you with all the interesting news next week.

As for school. It was fine today, a little tiring. I do really well during the first two hours and during my lunch break, but the last two hours really drag for me. It starts with history. My professor is a bit dry. I can tell he is quite intelligent but he is hard to listen to and it is extremely difficult to take coherent notes in his class. I am VERY worried about his tests. He is still threatening a pop quiz, but nothing yet. I am thinking he might spring that one on us this Wednesday.

Tonight there was a very strange smell just outside our back door. Harold had me come out and sniff around. It smelled very gas-like. He said he checked the propane tank and we have been out of propane all summer (No BBQs for us, darnit) so it wasn't the propane tank. Then of course we start thinking natural gas. I call my dad and ask him what natural gas smells like and my dad says, "If you have any reason to believe it is natural gas, get out of the house right now and call the gas company from a neighbor's house." YIKES! I was super freaked. I went next door and called a couple of neighbors who could also smell the gas-like smell. A couple of people said it didn't smell like the gas from a stove so it probably wasn't natural gas. It took about 20 minutes for the smell to clear, but it did. In the meantime I was having visions of my house going up in a big ball of fire. Harold made a joke to our neighbor that if our house exploded while we were in it to call 911. I didn't think that was all. However, we survived and I have no idea what that smell was.

We watched Akeelah and the Bee for FHE tonight. Very nice, feel good movie. I thought it was based on a true story and to my utter dismay it was not. How disappointing. If an underdog story isn't based on a true story, I am just not that into it. But, rent it anyway if you need a clean flick for the whole family.

Tomorrow I plan on doing LOADS of homework as I have my first english paper due on Friday and I am in a group that has to lead a discussion on Wednesday in my Native American Lit class. (It is on disenchantment, it is actually pretty interesting.)


mom said...


Bill and I saw Akeelah Bee on our cruise in January. We loved and you burst my bubble when you said it wasn't a true story. We thought it was based on a true story. How did you find out it wasn't? Anyway, it was a warm hearted show. You and Harold should watch Ghost Writers. Bill and I liked it but I can't remember if there was some shady parts or not. It was on the TV on the cruise. I always hesitate to recommned movies but I'm thinking this one was a good one. Very inspiring about a school teacher.
Study hard and best of luck. I registered for my Independent Study class yesterday. It's a humanities class. I'm lookng forward to it.

Wyatt & Brittany said...

I was surprised to hear that Harold was handling the gas smell so well. Just because I'm reminded of the story when he and the other Nichols kids were little and Harold touched the stove (while mom had told him not to or else it would blow up)and he filed everyone out to the street to avoid from blowing up with the house. So that is more what I envisioned from your gas story....

Glad everything is alright!

Jeff said...

No, I don't mind you answering my questions in the comments section. It works for me. Sorry your history class is such a bore. I don't think I know your prof. Too bad for you. I too am also surprised that Harold handled the gas thing so well. He ususally gets a little uptight about things like that. :) And yes, I have discovered Brittany's blog. Good times.

Brent and Collette said...

This made me laugh for so many reasons...Harold's comment about church. A lady in our ward was so offended the other day because she did NOT know in advance that I was being called to be the primary president...don't you usually wait to say anything until you're sustained??
Trouble focusing after lunch at school because of your prof. I had a teacher that I had to take numerous classes from. His voice was so hypnotizing I instantly fell asleep after about 10 minutes...real great when the class only has 20 people. And he knows who I am. By the end I think he just expected it.
The 'weird smell', Harold's reaction, and Britty's comment. I can totally see it all.
Finally, the nice movie that you guys watched for fhe. We watched a movie last night but NOT for was wild hogs. I must admit it is funny, but has some language issues.
So there is my monster comment. Thanks for the great posts. I love reading your blog.