Monday, September 24, 2007

It's official: I belong to a new ward, the Maples Ward. We had at least half our ward stripped away and the townhomes across the street from us are now with us. Our new bishopric are all younger than me, which is a little odd as I am not THAT old. I admit I was feeling a little traumatized yesterday. I actually bawled and bawled during sacrament meeting: during the songs, during the sacrament, when our old bishop spoke. I took Janet's advice and wrote a note to our old bishop and told him exactly how much I appreciated him. I feel better now and ready to get on with the business of meeting the new ward family.

I am at school now. I have lots of homework to read, as I mentioned before weekends aren't exactly homework friendly for me. Of course weekends weren't homework friendly when I was single and trying to have a social life either.

On a crazy note from yesterday: My good friend informed me that when her cat dies she is going to have it cremated and spread it's ashes to the four winds. I told her that if she EVER does that, that I need an invitation to the event. A cat funeral. I have a cat, but when he dies there will be no cremation. Sorry Tiger, I wouldn't have myself cremated either dude.

I am also starting a campaign: I am calling it my GET HAROLD TO COMMENT compaign. Harold says he reads my blog but has yet to comment and he doesn't have sign on rights either so he isn't allowed to refute anything I say. Therefore, I want to see if he really reads this blog. Harold, are you out there? For all of you who want Harold to comment, please leave him a short note encouraging him to do so. Let him know you care.


mom/Janet said...

Here's my vote for Harold to commnet. I'd love to see the other side. AND......I'm sure he see our family blog so....let's get some comments on that also. I'm trying to convert Bill. I did catch him last night reading the family posts. Hey, if he can play solitaire on the computer then he can read and contribute to our blog. I'm going to work on him while he has all this idle time. Hang in the Jeanna with the ward changes. This is an opportunity to meet and get to know new people that otherwise you wouldn't have.

Wyatt & Brittany said...

Hi Harold,
This is your sister. Remember, we used to Google Chat with each other? I guess I shouldn't take it personally - since you don't leave comments for Jeanna either....

Anyway, I miss our little chats. So you should come back to gmail again.

Oh, and leave Jeanna a comment too!


Brent and Collette said...

I don't think that getting new wards is ever very fun, especially if you really like the old one. I feel your pain. It happened when I was 12. Luckily I survived:) I know you know you will too. The people that I thought I would never like ended up being some of my greatest friends. Anyway...good luck at school this week.

Abbie said...

I'm impressed. The campaign just began today but Harold has already commented on the Smith blog and on mine. Yay for Harold! Way to go!

Jeff said...

Harold. Harold. Harold. Please join us.