Thursday, September 6, 2007

Going back to school myths

1. Flip flops are against the BYU Honor Code: No, they are NOT against the BYU Honor Code. Dang Harold for freaking me out on my way to school for my first day back. I was saying how I was wearing flip flops and hopefully the rain would dry up because I had not taken that into consideration when dressing. Harold then tells me they are against the code. Holy crap, I am in honor code violation on day 1? Thanks honey.

2. I will be the oldest person on campus: No, all four of my four professors are older than me. But, I was the oldest student in four out of four classes. Yikes. But, I looked good anyway.

3. Buying books will cost $500: No, $280. Yikes again.

4. Parking passes are free: Nope, you have to pay 60 minutes of your time to get one. Worth it? I am not sure yet and since I will be carpooling the majority of the time, I opted not to get one for now.

5. I won't see one friendly face on campus: Not true. There were several friendly looking people, okay most people looked friendly. But, I also ran into a friend's husband on campus who works there and it was such a relief to see a 'friendly face.'

6. Spending only $280 on books means I won't break my back carrying them across campus: No again. Schlepping across campus carrying 100 pounds of books was harsh. I carried them from about 12:30 until 3:05 minus about 100 minutes of class, so that means I was in pain for about 55 minutes.....but since I didn't get my exercise in yesterday I am going to count those 55 minutes as an intense workout.

7. I won't be able to fit my big rear end into the seats that are made for tiny 18-year-old girls with anorexia: Wrong again. My last class of the day was quite comfy. The first three I was praying the person next to me would pull their desk out of my left side so that I could sit comfortably. Once they did it wasn't so bad, but the schlepping of the books made me seriously sweaty during one of my classes in addition to my bad onion breath from my sandwich at lunch, I was worried for my neighbors.

All in all a great day on campus. I am loving my class choices which are 1.) Native American Literature, 2.) Biology 100, 3.) History of Civilization from 1500, and 4.) The Short Story.

My Biology professor in particular is going to be great and this is a huge relief for me. I already took bio 100 years ago but did quite poorly but now that I am considering nursing I need to get a better grade and need to understand basic biology before I move onto physiology and anatomy.

So, to all my blog fans out there....Thanks for your support and love. I get so much pleasure from reading your comments. I feel your love.


Brent and Collette said...

I've been waiting to hear how your day went. It brought back so many great memories! I always loved the first days of school when I felt so on top of things. I'm glad that you survived and weren't the oldest on campus:) Don't worry, I saw a news story about a 90yr old woman going back to school. At least you blend in enough that you don't make the news!! Have fun and good luck. You will do great.

Janet said...

I was thinking about you all day yesterday. I just can't tell you how impressed I with your decision to go back to school. The fact that you have a sense of humor will make it all bearable. In the long run, you only have yourself to worry about and whether you understand all your classes. You're just another student - - and good for you. Now get back to studying so you don't have to post how you fell behind. :)

lots of love and prayers for you

Abbie said...

You are hilarious. I wish I had been on campus. What history of Civ class are you taking? Scott is taking Hum. 202 MWF from 2-2:50. You aren't in the same class are you?

Jeanna said...


I am in His 202 from 1-1:50. The prof is kinda harsh, and he reminds me of a TV personality but I have no idea who. I am hoping it comes to me eventually.

Judy said...

That's great, Jeanna! I always imagine how going back to school feels after some years of finishing your undergrad. You've described it in full details. It's even hilarious how you described your first day. I'm rooting for you. Go, Jeanna!

Jeff said...

Who is the prof for your history class?

Jeanna said...


My history prof is Malcolm Thorp. I swear he reminds me of somebody, his voice particularly, it is bugging me.

Brittany said...

Way to go Jeanna! I'm very excited for you - you'll do great! I always enjoyed going back to school after a long break. Okay, by "always" I mean the one time I did it (when I took a year off). Regardless, it's fun to return. And it even lasted for my first two years back. Hopefully, it'll last longer for you.

$280? Did you go onto like I suggested? If not, try it, I promise you'll save a bundle!

Good luck on week two!