Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off my high horse

Today as I was driving into school with my next-door neighbor we were talking about skipping class. I was telling her that there was no way I would skip class all willy nilly because I need to save my skips for when the kids need me for whatever reason. So I went to my first two hours of class, then had my lunch break and remembered that Harold and Dale would be meeting up for lunch. Then I got a wild hare/hair and called Harold up and said I was going too. This means I was going to skip History. Now, my history prof never has had his first pop quiz, which he keeps threatening. I am sure he probably decided to drop that bomb today and now I have already dropped my first quiz. Then I didn't get back to campus until about 2:20. My English class started at 2. Oops. I felt totally weird waltzing into class that late, especially since it was going to take me 5 to 7 minutes more to walk there from my drop off point. So, I went to the bookstore, looked at cookbooks. Went the library and figured out how to use their computers and printing services, then found a nice bench in the shade and waited for my ride home.

Let me just clue you in about me. Whenever I get all high and mighty like that I ALWAYS end up eating my words very, very soon after. Today was no exception.

NOTE OF THE WEIRD: A girl sitting next to me in biology asked if I had any extra water as she was mildly coughing. I have a water bottle, but I have drank out of it. Is this what you mean? She was aghast. Did she really think I had extra water bottles around for circumstances like this? What a weirdo.

ANOTHER WEIRD NOTE: Next year in India they are coming out with cars that run on AIR. Seriously, air pressure. So the fillup price is about $2 at your local air compressor.

YET ANOTHER WEIRD NOTE: The country of Belgium is for sale on E-bay. I have a couple of bucks if anyone wants to chip in the rest of the $10 billion.


Brent and Collette said...

I got in a really bad habit of skipping my classes when I was at Ricks. I was easily influenced by roommates. At Utah State there were some classes that I only showed up for the tests...Yikes. I'm amazed I ever graduated. Good for you being a little rebellious:) I think I have some spare change in my car for Belgium.

Abbie said...

You are such a better blogger than I am.

mom said...

Number 1 - -I have some friends that I think might be interested in pitching in some money for Belgium. I'd love to own that place. I know Bill/Janet and Abbie/Scott would be interested in investing also. We love that place
Number 2 - - When you made the comment on my pirate blog entry that you were walking with Dale on campus, you failed to mention that you were in the process of skipping class. We've always taught Dale-dogg to choose his friends wisely...jk You and Harold have been great to and for Dale. Hope you didn't miss too important stuff.

Tovi said...

You write very well.