Friday, September 28, 2007

The Fight against White Matter Disease

Yes, it happened today, just like I thought it might. I got the dreaded pop quiz. Some of you may remember that my first pop quiz in history turned out pretty badly because I had decided to go lunching with my husband instead of attend class? But guess what? Today's quiz wasn't so bad. I was so, so, so ready for it. The prof told as at the beginning of the semester that he likes to give quizzes on the documents that we are assigned to read. We read three documents for today's class and I read them over three times and also took notes on the highlights from each. So when the teacher told us to look at two of the documents and choose one and write about the significance of that document to the French Revolution, I had it in the bag. Here's hoping the TA that grades the quiz thinks so too. I actually was quite nervous and my mind went blank for about 10 seconds, but then I pulled through. I can feel my mushy brain beginning to come back together to make coherent thought again, it's kinda nice.

This weekend promises to be enjoyable. We have a baptism to attend, women's conference, and our new ward meets for the first time as a unit. Too bad the meeting will be in an old brown building instead of our 2-year-old pretty chapel that I have grown used to. I have become a bit of a building snob and cannot believe I am being asked to attend a building that is so.....brown. Pride goeth before the fall they say, so I better strip that pride off and embrace the brown.

For the record: I am sitting here at my computer and Harold sits nearby reading a magazine. I looked over just now and you know what? He is pretty cute. I caught myself quite a great guy, and handsome too. Lucky me.


mom/Janet said...

You're so cute!! Yes, Harold is a good looking guy and I always thought you got a good catch but he got a good catch also. Enjoy your weekend and grow to love you chapel. You should come to ours - - out here in nowhere land. There's one hall way out to the parking lot and one door into the chapel. We just went from orange carpet in the gym to an actual gym floor. Boy, do we feel rich. I love the ward, though, so it's all okay.

Abbie said...

That is the cutest comment ever about Harold. I'll think that about Scott too when he's just sitting reading or whatever. I agree with you, I am a total building snob too!! In DC we met in this old old building on Mt.Vernon property. It was the most beautiful building ever! So i'm kind of snobby in a different way.

Brent and Collette said...

Way to go on the quiz. I think that is the best feeling, to be totally prepared for a pop quiz.
Have a great weekend, even in the brown church!! And with your cute husband. I agree with Janet, I think he got a pretty good catch too. We've all loved you since reunion one!!